Beach House with Contemporary Flair: Kona Modern by Dara Rosenfeld

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This contemporary Kuki’o Beach residence is, delightfully enough, the fourth time Dara Rosenfeld Design has been able to work with this particular client — and the results are a clean modern aesthetic, in stunning contrast to typical island décor. Instrumental in the inspiration for this beach house was a previous project, Nanea Golf Club, featured in the November 2006 issue of Architectural Digest; from it, a streamlined style takes shape for this house. Taking full advantage of the beach location, of course, is a timeless element that doesn’t depend on any particular style to work like a charm…and it works here in an open-air lounge area, sheltered in substantial wood and looking out not only on a stunning sunset panorama but the shimmering lap pool immediately off its stone deck.

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Comfort is primary here: notice the hanging swing, plenty of sun loungers, and an alfresco dining table that makes entertaining a breeze. One open-air bedroom boasts chairs in fresh green and bedding reminiscent of a tropical oasis; a second’s palette is equally sun-friendly — subtle dove gray and pale buttercup yellow, and a third is palest gray and gossamer white. Inside, the main living room is warmed with peach and poppy tones and a casual patterned rug underfoot. Wood detail highlights the kitchen and dining area; native carving ornaments a table leg and a couch frame, and the option of an open-air shower completes the “resort” feel here. So, while Kona Modern may not be typical beach décor, it definitely has “barefoot” style captured in this easy, casual design from Dara Rosenfeld.

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