Beautiful and Romantic Petal Wedding Aisle Runners

In truth I think we all want to do something a little different and special for our wedding. Perhaps a petal decorated aisle might be just the thing you are looking for. Whether indoors or out, the look is so romantic and is just one of those details that go towards making the day that little bit extra special. And this is not the sole preserve of indoors – in fact it is perhaps more popular as an outdoor addition, though ideally not if the weather is particularly windy. Maybe in an attempt to capture the extra essence of nature, add some extra color, or fill the air with a fresh floral bouquet; which ever reason you choose, the effect is quite delightful. Imagine the bouquet emanating from around the bride’s dress as she glides through the petals, gently disturbing them and allowing them to fill the air with their delicate scent.

We are pretty convinced that Western weddings have decided to adopt one of the more important elements from Asian weddings – flower petals. We particularly associate petals with wedding ceremonies in India, or should that be wedding ceremonies for Indians. In the USA and UK too, traditional Indian wedding ceremonies are bedecked with flowers and petals, and the effect is truly stunning. Of course you still have the choice. Do you want to have a specific design or pattern with your aisle flower petals, or are you happy with the more relaxed and random look? Do you want one single color, or a mixture? Do you want just a few petals for the effect, or do you want a red carpet of rose petals for an extra special look? So many decisions to make for one single day….