Beautiful Cradle Models for the Baby Nursery

On his first days away of his mother’s uterus, the baby need to be in a cozy place and a warm cocoon reminding him of the same tender place he was inside for the last months. For this, we have to choose carefully the baby cradle that must offer the baby the relaxation, softness and warmth. We present you some examples of baby cradles and cribs in different styles & designs, check them out. What could be more tender and comfortable than a nest suspended on a tripod, floating in the air and swaying gently at baby movements? This could be for a lot of moms the best cradle to ensure for the baby a cocoon of well-being and maximum comfort. To wrap tenderly the first baby nights, you can choose a crib in a round shape. This one for example with cloudy motifs brings a sweet and delicate atmosphere in the room. If you are attached to traditional and authentic decoration, there is plenty of classic cradle models that should please you that are available at all newborn product stores. Choose a classic crib that is above all a comfortable corner for the newborn to sleep, appropriate for his size. This style actually adds a charming and cozy ambience to the nursery. A pretty cradle can also be practical, why not? It’s even better to get two functions in one furniture piece. There is a big variety of functional cradle models available now on the market; for example the one with a sliding drawer under the mattress is a space–saver solution that allows you to store all the baby stuff: diapers, wipes, creams, etc.

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