Beautiful Curtains inspired by the Cottage Style

With the winter and cold temperature, we always look for a home atmosphere that gives us the warm feeling. This can be easily realizable thanks to the decoration style that helps in creating a cozy ambience in the place. One of the interesting ideas is to add some decorative touches inspired by the warm cottage style which will bring to your home a very nice cocoon reminding of the lovely mountains spirit. The cottage decorating style is mainly found in the mountains but it can also be used in cities to give the house a very cozy ambience. And to bring this style at home without changing the whole decor, go for curtains that will set the tone for the winter. To do this, first adopt a color reminiscent of the traditional mountain style, you might choose red and white. For the curtain decoration, you can opt for embroidered motifs which give an adorable hand-made look; snowflakes, reindeer, orchards, also hearts, letters and other motifs. Try to choose curtains with patterns in the top or the bottom but avoid too heavy models that will overload your windows. About materials, choose thick fabrics that insulate you from the outside. And bet on the double-velvet curtains, thick cotton or taffeta to retain heat well.

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