Beautiful DIY Bangles Wrapped with Ribbon and Rhinestones

Girls just love accessories. They want to accessorize in every single way, and always search for new and innovative ideas that make them have more and more accessories. But how about making your own piece of accessory? This would feel really special and personalized, and the best thing is that you can add your own personal touch in your accessory; just be creative and innovative and finally you’ll have an amazing piece of accessory that you will much appreciate. We present you here a very simple, fun, and amazing idea that you can do at home without much effort, but the result will definitely appeal to you. This post shows you how to make bangles wrapped with ribbon and rhinestones in an easy step-by-step way. This is definitely something that you can do it yourself. All supplies needed are available easily, and everything is stated below. You can be creative, get ribbons in many girly colors or in your favorite colors, and the best part, which will make this bangle really personalized, is that you can get the charm of your choice and add it. Get all the charms that you love and make a lot of bangles in different colors. Complete your outfit with the matching ribbon and feel very special. [Images from DesignThrift]

Start by placing glue in the center of the bangle. Next take the entire length of ribbon, find the center and place it onto the glue on the bangle and press down until it sticks. Next begin wrapping one end of the ribbon around the bangle until you get halfway.

Once you have wrapped half of the bangle put a dap of glue on the underside of the bangle and then secure the ribbon that you just finished wrapping onto the glue.

Next, grab the other end of ribbon and continue to wrap the other side of the bangle until you meet back on the side that you just finished gluing. Now put another dab of glue and secure that ribbon end right next to the other one.

Now that both of the remaining ends of ribbon are next to each other it’s time to tie them into a knot so they will remain in place.

Next take your charm and jumpring and put them together using your pliers. Then slide the jumpring onto one end of the ribbon and tie the two ends into a bow. Trim the excess off the ends of the ribbon.

Now cut about 34″ of your 28 gauge wire with your wire cutters or scissors. Begin to secure your rhinestone chain by wrapping the wire around the first notch in the chain 3 times and then secure the wire by wrapping around the 3 loops you made a few times.

Continue wrapping around each notch on the chain, make sure to keep the wire taught. When you are finished wrapping the whole circumference of the bracelet secure the end the same way you did the beginning and then cut off the excess wire. All done!

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