Cute Babies with Even Cuter Dogs

People often worry how the family dog will feel after the arrival of a newborn child. It can’t be easy going from being the center of attention to playing second fiddle to a screaming baby, but that’s what dogs have to do. We don’t recommend that this is suitable for every dog, but for many, ensuring you still include the animal in all that you do, and introducing them to the baby so they realise early on it is not a real threat, can create a loving bond that is hard to break. Dogs are sufficiently intelligent to understand that our babies are the same as their puppies, and so their protective nature will often shine, and surprise you into the bargain. In addition, there is nothing nicer than knowing your little one will not grow up being petrified of dogs. However if you are going to allow your dog to get up close and personal with a young baby, do make sure it is clean and well vaccinated.

These babies are very calm and trusting, and from the look in the dogs’ eyes, they have every right to feel safe. From Labrador retrievers to boxers and bulldogs to Bassett hounds, each and every one of these dogs looks very happy, very content, and very much a baby’s best friend, let alone man’s best friend. We just love the way some of the babies are fast asleep without a care in the world, and others think that this big warm hairy thing is just the most fantastic thing ever. Nowhere is there a hint on either side of any discomfort or mistrust. And do we have a favourite? Of course we do and it has to be the photograph of the baby being ‘kissed’ by the white bulldog. However we are sure that you too will have a favourite one, so why not let us know which one makes you smile the most.