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  • Water-marble-nail-tutorial

    How to Create Awesome Water Marble Nail Polish Designs in Just 7 Minutes [Video]

    We are sure that you have looked with envy at all the perfect marble nail polish designs on Pinterest and have wondered how to replicate the look yourself. DIY nail guru, , we’re pretty convinced you’ll enjoy this one just as much. Now you can wow your friends with exotic nail designs that you can honestly say you created yourself. We also think that adding embellishments to the finish would be really cute. ...

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  • DIY-Turmeric-Based-Face-Mask-to-Fight-Acne

    DIY Turmeric-Based Face Mask to Fight Acne

    The mention of the word acne makes many people wince. It is such an unfortunate skin condition that is not only nigh-on impossible to conceal, but it is notoriously difficult to control. We are never ones to endorse any of the hugely expensive proprietary skin treatments, and we never guarantee the results of any other suggested treatments. However we are aware of the effect that acne specifically, and skin blemishes in general, can have on your confidence. As a result...

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  • 3-STEPS-to-CLEAR-SKIN-in-1-week

    3 Steps to Clear your Skin in Just One Week

    It isn’t always easy to have fresh and perfect facial skin every day of the week. We all have different types of skin and it is difficult to find a routine that might be suitable for everyone. However thanks to a couple of really practical and useful YouTube video demonstrations from , we think we may have found you a couple of hidden gems. It makes sense to include the two videos together as the first one provides you with...

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  • Pink-Nail-Art

    Pretty Pink Nail Art Design by Cute Polish

    We’re all a bit pushed for time and so the last thing we need is to watch a half-hour-long video on how to do our nails. Well we think we should all say a big “Thank You” to for understanding our needs perfectly. This girl clearly knows that time is precious and perhaps that is why she has an amazing two-million-plus followers on YouTube. Of course watching one of her videos may provide you with another answer to the...

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  • Teeth-Whitening

    How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally in Just 3 Minutes [Video]

    How much does it cost you to have your teeth whitened at the dentist? We’re pretty sure it will run into tens, if not hundreds of dollars. So why not consider a more natural way of doing it at home instead. This doesn’t involve harsh abrasives, toxic chemicals or anything like bleach! This is a more natural yet still effective way of making those ‘pearly whites’ sparkle the way you like them to. You’ll find this method especially useful if...

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  • Winged-Eye-Liner

    How to Create a Beautiful Winged Eyeliner Look [Video]

    Practice makes perfect so they say. However for the practice to be productive, having a good grasp of the foundations of what you are attempting to do is essential. That is why we like video tutorials to help you learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to applying makeup. We were very taken with to choose from? Selina is very thoughtful in her presentation and right from the very beginning she lets you...

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  • Black-and-White-Water-Marble-Nail-Art

    Black and White Water Marble Nail Art [Video]

    There always seems to be so much to learn when it comes to doing your nails. Long gone are the days when a little bit of a rub with an emery board and a splash or red nail polish will suffice. Nowadays nail bars and nail salons are big business, which means you have to do your best to keep up with all the trends. However these establishments aren’t cheap. In the United States a trip to a nail bar...

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  • 9 Easy and Quick Eyeliner Looks

    9 Quick and Easy Eyeliner Looks [Video]

    So what would be a sensible thing to look for if you are going to take someone’s advice on an eyeliner look? Well how about 120+ thousand followers and nearly 10 million views on YouTube? Those sorts of figures make us think that Lupe, who goes by the YouTube name of , knows her stuff and is one of the more popular and reliable make-up and style advisers on you tube. She has a natural flair for presentation and a...

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  • Lip-Art-Design-by-Laura-Jenkinson4

    Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Fantastic Lip Art Design by Laura Jenkinson

    Lip art design is catching on and you may well have come across it before. At Stylish Eve we have been following this design trend for quite some time, and we were delighted to make contact with the lip artist, Laura Jenkinson, in person. We explained to her that we had received such a brilliant response when we ran a previous article on and we are delighted to be able to bring it to you here as well....

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  • Spectacular-Lip-Art-Designs-1

    Spectacular Lip-Art Designs by Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson

    It is only once in a lifetime that you come across an artist that captures both your mind and imagination. , a young and ever-so-talented makeup artist, is causing a huge online buzz with her fabulous work as social media has gone crazy over her creations. With over 80K Facebook ‘likes’ of her work, Laura has proven she is much more than just a makeup artist, she is a creative genius. One of Laura’s most ingenious projects is her lip...

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