Bernhard Willhelm Fall Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Bernhard Willhelm has revealed his fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. Bernhard Willhelm has presented very wacky, sassy and maybe weird, but honestly eye-catching fashion trends for the fall/winter 2012 season. You can say that Bernhard has tried to fight the coldness of the winter and fall by the weirdness!! Why not?! Everything is possible! Bernhard Willhelm has presented that sort of collection for a certain slice of the men’s community. Specifically, you can say that Bernhard has dedicated that collection for the men who admire the casual and weird wear! Bernhard has taken care of every tiny detail in order to create his weird and wacky fall/winter 2012 fashion trends starting from the colors to the full designs. Concerning the colors, Bernhard Willhelm has relied on using the following colors in a very funky and sassy way; orange, red, light blue, grey, Khaki besides other colors. He’s mixed those colors together to get colorful looks. Bernhard Willhelm fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has revolved around the following items; torn sweat suits, ragged T-shirts, loose t-shirts & shirts and camouflage print jackets. That’s besides presenting the ragged Bermudas, shorts and funky trousers.  As you can see that all the collection has been so weird, but Bernhard hasn’t stopped at that far!!  To complete the weirdness, Bernhard has used a cast full of bearded & long haired men!! From the cast to the main collection, none can see that Fall/Winter 2012 menswear collection without getting the wowed look on his face!! You, me & anybody else can’t deny that such weird fashion trends have their own admirers and diggers around the whole world. So, for the sake of those men, I can’t say anything but “Congratulations on your wacky and weird look!!. Fight the cold weather with that wacky look!”…

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