Best Wedding Guest Books at Stylish Eve in 2013

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You want to remember your treasured wedding guests forever, and one great way to remember them is with a guest book — or substitute — that both expresses your personalities and allows some creative freedom…like these, which are among the best ideas we’ve seen this year at Stylish Eve. You can invite your guests to write a message with markers of their choice, on a large easel outside your reception hall — or have a photo album with plenty of “white space” and invite them to inscribe the pages with messages for the bride and groom. Many couples have guests write them “postcards” of wishes and deposit them in a pretty box at the wedding site — or encourage them to type a message on a vintage typewriter, insert it in a pretty envelope, and leave it in a handy basket.

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Some “guest books” feature instant photos of the couple, banners, and treats; at least one couple put up a sketch of a tree with the “lovebirds” included on it — and invited others to put “leaves” of fingerprints and good wishes on the tree alongside them. One couple gave guests individual slates and chalk for messages; many couples set mini-notebooks on reception tables for guests to write advice designated for specific anniversaries! The traditional book with decorated pen, of course, is still popular; trim its table with wedding programs, a copy of the invitation, bouquets in the chosen colors, or candies, mints, or other mini-favors. But whatever you choose, you can be assured of one thing: your guests will enjoy putting their touch on your wedding as much as you enjoyed inviting them!

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