Big Wishes from Little Hands: Crafts for Your Kids’ Valentines

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If your kids are always looking to “make something,” Valentine’s Day might be one of their favorite days of the year; it lends itself to so many fun crafts, as shown in these ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( Want to get your kids off to a terrific start? Take a handful of white cutout hearts and write secret messages on them with crayon, then hide the hearts around the house for your kids to find. Have watercolor paints handy at the table and tell them to pick their favorite colors to paint the hearts. As they do…they’ll see the secret messages pop out to read. For a sweet treat, fold pieces of red, white, or pink card stock in half, insert lollipops inside, and decorate the outside with hearts, sequins, stickers, and other scrapbook trims.

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With a few simple household items — foam grocery trays, paint, and paper — your kids can create their own personalized stamped Valentines. Whether they want to make heart or flower designs, draw pictures of themselves, or write a message, it’s easy to “carve” their creation in the foam tray, immerse it in paint, and print that design on paper or card stock (if you want multicolored designs, just let each application of paint dry completely in between.) Paper flowers are easy even for little hands, while bigger kids can make more complex bouquets. And don’t forget a snack while you work: Valentine Dessert Sandwiches are a great combination of craft and cookie in one. Whichever project you do, have a fun and creative Valentine’s Day!

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