Blake Lively Hairstyles

Can you describe the super star Blake Lively’s long hair in one word? Huh, can you?! Absolutely not! You may say sexy, gorgeous, astonishing, fabulous, beautiful, etc. But all of these words won’t be enough! I guess that the one needs tens, maybe hundreds of words to describe and praise her hair, yet whole look. I can tell that there’re some of you who may feel that I’m just exaggerating and they even say; ‘Maybe, she’s saying so because she’s one of her fans or something!’. Okay, I’d be honest with you and admit that I’m a big, big fan of her, but despite that I’m not praising her for no reason. My dear readers, take a look at how she usually wears, yet styles her hair and how her outfits look like then answer that question; ‘could you resist her?!’. I’m sure that most of you would say; ‘Unfortunately not! She looks gorgeous and sexy, irresistible from the head to the toe!’. Finally, you admited it! Anyways, since you, her, me and many others admire her beautiful and shiny hair, I’ve made a prior decision which is to talk about how oftenly she has styled it since her beginnings till now. Is that okay for you? Of course, it’s! So let’s begin doing that starting from the next paragraph!

Can you imagine that there’s a woman on the earth planet has a long and shiny hair wouldn’t wear any style of the down dos?! Of course, you can’t imagine such a thing, right? Let me tell you that the talented actress has never been that woman! On the contrary, wearing a loosely flowing hair of any style; straight, curly or wavy is what she has mostly done through her career life. Briefly, the down dos can be considered as her most favorite and popular hairstyles. Another thing you have to know about these hairdos that some of them have that classic and retro look while the others have been modern and stylish. When you take a look at her pictures in the different periods of her career life, you can see that she has worn diverse styles of the ponytails; sleek straight, messy, loose curly and braided ones. Besides those ones, she has sported once a ponytail that can be described by nothing but a piece of art, creative, astonishing and definitely eye catching. Actually, I can’t give you a specific description of it, but let me tell you that it was the result of combining between the twisted updos and ponytails. Can you imagine its look?! If you can’t, then wait till you take a look at the attached pictures below! The last thing that you need to know about the ponytail hairdos that our star has worn is that they have been placed either low, side swept or high. Regardless of their styles or placements, all of them have had awesome and attractive look.

Till now, you have known that both of wearing a loosely flowing hair and tying it in a ponytail have been of the most favorite ways of Blake to style her hair, right?! But do you know that combining between both of them has been also her favorite? Yup, my dear women, she has also worn the sweet and alluring half up half down hairstyles. In addition to all of the last mentioned, you have to know that our gorgeous star has also sported the braids. For your info, she hasn’t just sported them as single and individual hairdos, but she has used them to accent some others. What a smart do, isn’t it?! By now, we’ve mentioned the down dos, ponytails, braids and half updos, but what about the updos?! Do you think that she has opted for wearing any style of them or not?! Of course, she has done that! Mostly, she has been seen wearing the classic, braided and loose buns besides the chignons. All of them have had so elegant, chic and eye catching look. Honestly, the same words or may be more can be said about all of the hairstyles worn by her not just those last mentioned.

Now, I can tell you that you know most of, if not all of Blake Lively’s hairstyles. That means that the end is coming, sweetie. Just allow me to tell you few things before telling you goodbyes, okay?! First of all, you have to know that sometimes our beloved actress has embroidered her hair with some accessories as fascinators and others. Secondly, you need to know that if you’ve an upcoming special event to attend, you can definitely take Lively as your reference. I mean that you may grap one of her hairdos or maybe outfits, imitate it and go! Let me tell you that the occasion or event doesn’t have to be special or formal to do so, it may be casual or semi-casual and you still can do the same thing. But be aware to pick the hairdo that suits your face shape, hair type and personal style as well. Do so and catch all the eyes by your sexy and astonishing look. Just enjoy!!

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