Blending Two Traditions — Spanish Hacienda and Contemporary Style, by Geschke Group

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If you’ve never been to Spain, enjoy a taste of it in this hacienda-inspired home by the Geschke Group. Enter the premises down a winding patterned stone walk, through the central courtyard, and you’ll feel instant warmth: bubbling fountains and palm plantings give you the sensation of walking through a secret garden. Look upward, in the arched stone corridor, and behold an ornate lantern that bounces its beams to every nook of the graceful curves above. Peek in through floor-to-ceiling glass and you’ll see the home’s open floor plan; once indoors, you have an unimpeded view to the outdoors on the other side. To your right, a long wood dining table with studded chairs is mere steps away from a kitchen island with handy stools for eat-in convenience. To your left, an inviting fireplace is flanked by a deep leather couch and chairs with colorful throw pillows.

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Tables hold useful ceramic art — green vases on one, a centerpiece bowl on another — and ambient lighting pours over all from wrought-iron chandeliers and a tiny second-story window. Outside, a ceramic table and wicker chairs provide handy seating next to the pool and waterspouts; if you prefer, you can indulge in a more sedate soak indoors in a lavish, deep tub under an arched window in a spacious, marble-tiled bath. Among the modern open plans and spaces, you’ll still see tradition: note the fun wrought-iron balcony at one end, and the thoroughly Spanish red tile roof over all. It’s a combination of convenience, easygoing style, luxury, and timeless detail — that’s this Spanish hacienda.

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