Blue Interior Decorating Ideas

Blue color never ceases to be fashionable in our interiors. For a calm, soothing and refreshing atmosphere; blue is a perfect choice. The good news is that there is a multitude of blue shades to suit all decorating styles and to be installed in every room of the house. If you like the relaxing & peaceful blue spirit, you will like this post because it presents 10 stunning ideas to use blue in its different tones in decorating each room; check them out. For a tranquil ambience in the living room, opt for very light blue that will match very well with neutral colors like gray and beige. To highlight the look, you can add one more detail in blue but in darker shade. Know that blue fits also well with the classic style. You can for example paint a wall with moldings; this will modernize the room a little bit without losing its traditional soul. The blue in the bedroom can really create a very modern style. Choose very dynamic blue and associate it with white to create a stylish contrast.

Note that blue is one of the most ideal colors for the bedroom thanks to its relaxing & soothing effect which is needed in the sleeping area. In the kitchen, why don’t we change a little bit from red and neutral colors (often used recently) in favor of blue? In fact, if you choose a very dark blue shade to customize the kitchen furniture in glossy finishes and then you associate it with white on walls & worktops, you will get a very contemporary look; so stylish and so elegant. To make our kids spend beautiful nights, we can give their bedroom a blue decoration in very soft light tones for walls, furniture and linen. But if we decide to add more vitality to the kids’ room, the choice is the dark blue energized by some accessories in yellow & red to bring a funny & playful atmosphere. If you want to give your bathroom a seafront spirit; blue of course is the right choice. For this, go for a slightly grayed tone to evoke the color of the water and combine it with old wood items. However, petrol blue can create a very contemporary look in the bathroom if you choose it with minimalist furniture in sleek forms & sharp lines.

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