Bluff House in Montauk, New York by Robert Young

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Built in 2012, the Bluff House on Montauk built by Robert Young, Architecture & Interiors, was designed to take in all of the surrounding advantages of nature while having a minimal environmental impact. Overlooking Block Island Sound, this year round vacation home boasts a level of sustainability just shy of environmental certification. According to the design team, “The house was conceived as a lens, continually framing and magnifying the subtle changes in the surrounding environment.”

The natural coloring of the exterior wood treatment blends in fully with the environment, establishing the residence as an ecological retreat. The raised flooring of the entryway achieves a floating effect that would make onlookers believe that not even a single blade of grass was harmed in this design.

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Geometrical shapes give a compelling silhouette to the property. Both levels maximize the use of exposures found in the forestry of the area on the back side of the home, and the waters and wetlands in the other directions.

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Remedying the natural slopes of the landscape, steep stairs and pathways were created. Lighter tones allow for the brilliance of daylight to bounce and shine off of the structure. From every view on the property, an onlooker can take in the beauty of the natural vegetation.

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The internal living space continues the organic appeal of the home through soft neutrals, and complementary beams and walls. An expansive fireplace adds a hint of warmth and welcome to the layout.

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The modern and minimalist appeal of the guest rooms serve to provide uncomplicated relaxation for one’s vacation. Picture windows accented by delicate casement windows allow for unobstructed views of lovely surroundings. Slight Caribbean tones can be found in the furniture touches, and decorative accents. Simple ceiling fixtures complete the chic charm.

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The master bathroom is dazzling with brilliant ultramarine wall tiles, and swivel patio doors that lead out to the balcony area. The deepness of the blue, ebony countertop and Georgian mahogany fully embraces you, while the white ceiling and floors keep the room luminous.

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Ample lighting throughout makes certain that the loss of daylight does not impede any outside recreational activities.

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Alcove areas provide secreted spaces to get away, and take in the glittering scenery.

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Varied breeds of wood in earth tones extend the organic feel of the property throughout the home’s interior.

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The kitchen area has an open layout for ease of entertaining. Stainless steel appliances against the light wood toned cabinetry provide a clean and fresh style. Hanging light fixtures allow for a simple lighting solution without diminishing the effects of the daylight.

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The success of this property is found in its long beautiful lines, and its ability to blend in with its natural surroundings while maximizing its eco-friendly allure. Deliberate choices of light and dark allow for the feeling of sleeping in nature without actually having to do so.