Bringing the Islands Home: Kohala Coast house by Dara Rosenfeld Design

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Bringing the outdoors in is a benchmark of contemporary design; that being said, this Kohala coastline vacation home by Dara Rosenfeld Design takes that process a few steps further — using a lava-rock wall divider between the shower and the tub in the master bath! Infused with seashore blues and greens, this 7,000-square-foot residence is a haven not only for family to gather but for the owners to showcase and enjoy objects of all kinds collected on their travels to Tahiti and Bora Bora. You can see the island influence everywhere: in the carvings on a bedstead, the wood inlay of the ceilings, and splashy fabrics, colors, and prints. Gorgeous ceramic tile accents bring more island ambience into the home, as does a lavish “fern” print at a desk (a seat in a friendly jungle!).

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Beyond integration of textures and literal materials of the islands, the house also features more conventional indoor/outdoor living touches — such as the flagstone patio flooring that carries into the indoor dining and living areas of the home. Casual chairs group around a wood table with a barrel base; the bocce ball court looks as if it were photographed mid-match. Finally, as is also a benchmark with Dara Rosenfeld, customized furnishings and accessories play a large part in the décor: among them are Parisian Thomas Boog pendant lights made of opalescent oyster shells, a cast-stone dining table top, and a custom bamboo sofa. The combination of custom work, architectural material that melds indoors and out, and the fabulous tropical colors of this retreat make this getaway a shining Kohala coastline jewel.

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