Bynya, a Magnificent Sydney Pool Project from Peter Glass and Associates

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“Our clients wanted a swimming pool that was contemporary yet timeless, with simple detailing and clean lines; a pool that was suitable for swimming laps and for good old-fashioned family fun — a pool that would look great now and into the future.” So said Peter Glass and Associates about this project, Bynya, the second project that the firm did for this particular client. The previous task was more compact and more central to Sydney, while this was further up the Pacific coast — with a challenging topography. The land slopes dramatically toward the Pacific, meaning that the pool area needed to rise above ground level, substantially, in order to work with the existing multi-story home. The design succeeds: from the house, the pool appears to extend infinitely, due to an extension of glass edging that expands the water’s “horizon.”

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The design incorporates a weir and cascade to bridge the gap between levels, to provide visual interest, and it also allows for easy removal of eucalyptus leaves from the main pool — a vital element, with the landscape’s lavish use of shrubbery, native trees, and subtropical plants. Colorful flora, among them bird of paradise plants, bring vibrant color and fragrance to the pool surround; woven wicker accents a wall and repeats in a warmer shade on poolside lounge chairs. Natural split-faced sandstone is used as paving around the pool’s edge, and its vibrant interior color is courtesy of Italian glass mosaic — reflecting azure in bright sun, mirroring a glow from the house by night. In all aspects, Bynya lives up to the clients’ hopes: it is contemporary and simple, suitable for entertaining or exercise…a shimmering success from Peter Glass.

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