Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Have you ever wished to have a sporty, yet luxurious piece of cloth in your wardrobe?! If so, then I can tell you that you can totally find this sort of fashion trends especially that fall/winter 2012 season only with Calvin Klein’s collection. You can say that Calvin Klein fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has been nothing but a successful and creative mixture of the luxuriosity and the urban garb. The designer behind such a luxurious and sporty collection is Italo Zucchelli. The main question that most of us may ask is ” How has Italo Zucchelli managed himself to produce such a stunning menswear collection?!”, the answer to that question can mainly be abbreviated only by the following words; the materials &colors used and the pieces made from the last two things. Concerning the colors, Zucchelli has relied on using very elegant and rich colors like; black, gray and different shades of camel & blue. On the other hand, the designer has relied on using very classy and luxurious, yet trendy fabrics like; crocodile leather and wool. I think that by now, you’ve known two of the three factors that have contributed in creating Calvin Klein 2012 fall/winter menswear collection. So, let’s go deeper to discover everything about the third factor. The third and most important things that I’m going to show you are the main pieces that have been included in that collection. The most elegant, yet sporty items that the collection has included are the sweatshirts. The collection has presented various styles of sweatshirts. For example, the collection has presented navy wool sweatshirts with detachable crocodile leather hoodies. Besides the elegant sweatshirts, the collection has also included other trendy & sporty, yet elegant items which are bomber jackets. Some of the bomber jackets presented have been grafted with concrete-textured crocodile leather on the arms. You may think that those last mentioned items are enough for you to wear and be warmed in the fall/winter season. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the designer’s opinion and he’s presented more and more elegant items just for you! The designer has also presented voluminous topcoats which have been made of either leather or  wool. Besides the topcoats, the collection has also included leather ponchos, knitted sweaters, puffer coats and long puffer vests. Let me not forget to mention that the collection has also included slim, yet sharp suits in both gray or technicolor prints. Whatever the fashion trends that Calvin Klein fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has included, all of them are very trendy and modern, yet luxurious. I think that with the existence of such a collection, you have more than you’ve wished for. So, enjoy!!

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