Canali Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Canali fashion house has wowed everyone with its new released fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. That collection has combined between elegance and classiness besides vintageness. The designer has got inspired in that collection by London’s swinging 60s era. That’s been so obvious in all the aspects of the collection from the colors used to the pieces presented. When you take a look at that collection, you can get that the designer has relied on using a combination of elegant & classy colors. For example, you can see that the designer has made use of the different tones of the gray color besides burgundy, olive and black colors. On the other hand, the designer has mainly relied on using a thick velvet fabric besides other fabrics like wool. By using those luxurious colors and fabrics, the designer has been able to create the most stunning, classy and elegant, yet warm items. The most elegant, yet vintage items that the collection has included are the Chesterfield coats, that’s besides trench coats and ponyskin coats. The collection has also included glamorous, formfitting double-breasted suits and thick striped velvet suits. Besides the coats and suits, the collection has also included various elegant and chic styles of jackets like; thick velvet jackets and suit jackets. Let’s not forget to mention that the collection has also included various styles of shirts; suit shirts and William Morris inspired printed shirts. Another thing that you’ve to know is that those shirts, jackets & coats have been paired with either tight pants or William Morris inspired printed pants. As you can see that from the pants, maybe the shoes, to the suits presented in Canali fall/winter 2012 menswear collection can’t be described by any words except; elegant, classy and glamorous, yet vintage and also sort of modern!! What a mix?! I think there’s no man who can resist the glamour and classiness of that collection. That’s made me to say to all the men’s community “How lucky you’re with such a stunning and elegant collection?! So, enjoy!”.

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