The Carolina Herrera Resort 2014 Collection is “Print”acular

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“Prints, that’s what this collection is all about, prints”, said Carolina Herrera before the presentation of her Resort 2014 Collection. Carolina Herrera believes that there is no real season for clothing anymore, and she wants everything in her Resort 2014 Collection to be worn all year round. A few of the most notable looks in the collection are a halter-top, explosions of color and asymmetrical lines, followed by soft, luxurious abstracts, and large, colorful, flower prints. Carolina Herrera has literally redefined the term “Art Walk” as several of her gowns have put Pop Art in motion with large, colorful, flower prints and equally colorful squared blocks and designs. The Pop Art look continued with a bold and striking collection of horizontal stripes and color, interrupted by flower prints in 3D-like illusions.

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Give the Pop Art series a well-deserved, standing ovation. These prints dazzle in a variety of palazzo pants, skirts, and evening gowns, giving you several options and styles to wear. The collection also steered towards Herrera’s signature look with silk gowns and simple floral designs, which are equally as eye-catching as her experimental designs in the arts. These flowing gowns are remarkable and elegant, sweeping the floor with vivid imagery. Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel move over, Carolina Herrera has beautifully re-defined the “little black dress” with a long silk, black skirt and matching blouse, complete with fabulous sheer sleeves, adorned by ivory embellishments. This dress is indeed the showstopper of the collection. Women will not just find excuses to wear the Carolina Herrera Resort 2014 collection year around; wear will be a daily event!

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