A Casual Holiday Home: Currimundi Beach House by Loucas Zahos

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This modern beach house in Currimundi by Loucas Zahos Architects rises from a steep site to present a striking street-level presence. As the architects explain, “From the street, the site rises sharply and the deliberate massing of the two level pavilions at the front of the house offers a dignified frontage to the street while maintaining privacy for the internal spaces beyond.” Indeed, the exterior façade of the house does convey the message of privacy — but there’s more to this house than a tall, imposing face. Inside, as the architects go on, “the house delights in its scale and detailing.” Among those details are a bright, open floor plan; pivoting glass walls that allow access to the outdoors without undue exposure; and a streamlined, white kitchen and comfy living area in soothing dove gray and spring green.

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What the designer calls “modest” bedrooms are located upstairs, removed from the more public areas of the house while at the same time affording expansive views through walls of glass that can be louvered for privacy. Beneath the “bedroom wing” of the house is an alfresco eating area, well-shaded by the overhang of the house and looking out on a welcoming green yard. The house is set up in such a way as to encourage “barefoot” informality on vacation, a mood that grows consistently more relaxed as you move from street to backyard. As the architects explain, “…the Currimundi Beach House captures the essence of being away from routine, inviting relaxation, retreat, and enjoyment of the spectacular beachfront location it shares.”

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