Casually Curated: Clifton View 7 Project by Antoni Associates

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When Antoni Associates designed this exclusive apartment, they had a challenge: to incorporate a wide range of tastes into a cohesive whole. The design solution was what Antoni calls a “casually curated” approach, “allowing the clients’ broad tastes to be expressed in an informal but balanced way, resulting in contemporary African and Eurocentric bohemian spaces.” Indeed, much of this apartment does have a “bohemian” feel to it — statuary that extends clear to the pool and al fresco living area, beyond the boundaries of what an “art collection” normally entails. But there is also plenty of modern easy living going on in this space: with much of its interior open to the outdoors, entertaining becomes a free-flow — a quick beverage at the open bar, a few laps in the pool, or a lounge in one of the plush seating areas, all within steps of each other.

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The apartment not only seamlessly incorporates modern and African art; it brings in subtle color to help off-set the “curated” collections and soften the effects. So, we have a “portrait” done with large areas of pink and a multicolored stipple background, set against the “gallery” effect of a white wall. Open neutral-hued lattice work provides informal “dividers” without the weight of walls; lavish use of glass and clear materials in between landings and as delineators outdoors allow for a light, airy feel rather than a closed-in ambience. The most magnificent artistic feature of this dwelling, however, might be its view: to one side, rambling apartment buildings are white against the steep hillside, spilling onto the beach like so many pebbles; to another, unbroken vista of sky and ocean. Clifton View 7 is, indeed, “casually curated” — a wide variety of sights, a single pleasing picture.

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