Maybe you just like baby-related articles or perhaps you are thinking of starting a family? Of course you may already be pregnant, a first-time mother, or a seasoned ‘pro’ with a brood of offspring tucked under your arm. Here we want to try and provide something for everyone, and that includes you. Whether it is great baby photography, cool things to enjoy doing with your children, or something funny and quirky, our aim is to bring you as broad a cross-section of articles, photographs and videos as possible and we hope that you will find them interesting, enlightening, or just plain funny. Our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces are young for such a short time and we hope we can help you make the most of that time you get to spend with them.

  • Mommy's-Nose-is-Scary-6

    Baby Has Priceless Reaction to Mom Blowing Her Nose

    There is seriously nothing better than a laughing baby, unless it’s a baby who can’t decide whether blowing your nose is terrifying or hilarious. This video went viral a little while ago so you may have seen it already, but we couldn’t resist posting it again for the benefit of everybody who might not have seen it yet. Special thanks to little baby Emerson for his awesome expressions that crack us up over and over again, and to Emerson’s mommy,...

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  • Underwater-Photographs-of-Kids-Adam-Opris-2

    Breathtaking Photos of Children Underwater Taken by Adam Opris

    A couple of months ago we were delighted to come across a remarkably talented photographer, that we went on to feature some even more beautiful underwater images of wedding couples. Today we are delighted to bring you a new selection of underwater photographs, this time of young children, taken by Adam. We have been in regular contact with Adam ever since we first saw his photographs and of this new theme he tell us: "There are timeless moments in...

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  • 20-Month-Old-Baby-Enjoying-a-Dance-with-His-Dad

    Fantastic 20-Month-Old Boy Enjoying a Dance with His Dad

    Ask most people what they like to do first thing in the morning and they will probably tell you they would just have a cup of coffee or tea, and chill for a few minutes. Well it would seem that doesn’t figure on the radar of Domink Hungr, who lives in Brno, Czech Republic. Instead, a bit of jamming and breakdancing seems to be on the menu for Dominik and his 20-month-old son, Nikosek, who he refers to as ‘lil...

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  • Unbelievable 2-Year-Old-Boy-Swims-Like-a-Dolphin

    Unbelievable 2-Year-Old Boy Swims Like a Dolphin

    So most of you will now be reading this to find out what a merboy is. Well remember we ran an article on baby mermaids, which we called ? You know what a mermaid is? Well then hopefully you will now understand what a merboy is. And if you aren’t sure such a thing exists, we suggest you watch this incredible video of Brahman ‘performing’ in a pool like we have never seen a two-year-old boy before, or girl for...

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  • How-to-Stop-Baby-from-Crying-by-Katy-Perry-Dark-Horse

    How to Stop a Baby from Crying with Help from Katy Perry Singing ‘Dark Horse’

    We’ve all been there and we all know the signs. First there is a bit of a grizzly mood. Plenty of noise, lots of ‘chattering’ and then the tone changes a little. It goes from ‘I’m feeling grumpy’ to ‘I think the world’s coming to an end’ in the blink of an eye. If you’re driving along and in a hurry to get somewhere, your hands are tied (not literally – that would be dangerous!) and you can’t stop to...

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  • The-Miracle-of-Human-Creation

    The Miracle of Human Creation

    The miracle of life will never cease to amaze, whether it is human or another form of life. It is also something that we know how it is created, but we never really get to see what really happens, except when the occasional ultrasound scan is taken and a grainy black and white photograph given to us as a memento. I also look back to the days of biology lessons in school and remember seeing sketches of a baby in...

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  • Baby-Flexing-Muscles-Just-Like-His-Dad

    Like Father, Like Son: Adorable 8-Month-Old Baby Flexing Muscles Just Like His Dad!

    When very young our children learn a lot of habits from us. Sit them in a chair and make faces at them and they will likely laugh, and they will also be likely to pull a face back at you. It is the same with hand gestures. It is not instant and it doesn’t often happen overnight, but eventually children will pick up on our mannerisms and actions. However there are some young children who for one reason or another...

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  • Fluttering-Butterflies-6

    Kids’ Butterfly Face-Paintings by Daisy Design

    Face painting has been a staple attraction for younger children at many an event. However, like things in life, face painting has to keep evolving or it will go out of fashion. After all, there are only so many times you can reproduce a tiger’s face and have a child scream in delight when they see their face in a mirror. Clearly this is something , a group of face painters in Wellington, New Zealand, have worked out for themselves....

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  • Clever-Babies-Learning-How-to-Swim

    A Happy Group of Parents Teaching their Babies How to Swim

    We have had a flurry of articles on babies and water recently, but all with a purpose. At Stylish Eve we want to make all our readers aware that it really is never too young to start introducing your baby to deep water. If you look closely at all the babies here, not a single one of them shows any sign of fear or discomfort. Why should they anyway? After all they are in what they consider a safe environment,...

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  • Baby-Dances-to-Beyoncé

    Hilarious Baby Dances to Beyoncé

    Okay, we know this video is five years old, but sometimes, as the expression goes, ‘fame is temporary but class is permanent’. Well as this baby’s exploits have definitely passed the test of time, we have to admit it has class and we want to make sure that if you missed it first time round, you get to see it now. We probably have all heard Beyoncé’s Put a Ring on it and yes, it is so catchy it is...

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