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    13+ Hysterical Animal Fails That Will Crack You Up.

    An Animal A Day, Keeps Sadness Away: Animals are funny, and what’s even funnier, is that they do not really mean to be. Even when they fail, they tend to do so very gloriously. Here, we have collected fails of those clumsy creatures trying to make their way through the human world. These are evidence how an […] More

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    The Everyday Societal Pressures Of Being A Woman

    Why is it that to be a woman we must be so many things?! A woman has to be beautiful, funny, strong (but not too strong), successful (but not that successful), and maternal (because what are you if you do not want babies?). We have to be enough (whatever the hell that means), yet not too […] More

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    Perfectly-Timed And Best Shots Of The 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Being full of secrets has always been nature’s most important trait. One of the most magical phenomena in life is the eclipse. Whether it is lunar or solar, people wait to witness it passionately. Well, it is beautiful and makes us feel we are part of something huge and powerful. This solar eclipse is 2017 star. On […] More

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    3 Plus-size Instagram Bloggers That Teach Us A Lesson About Self-love

    With the rise of social media and its increasing effect on the lives of many, it may have both a negative and positive effect on its users. The notion of beauty standards is strongly becoming an essential thing for societies to follow. From this, more and more women around the world are constantly bombarded trying […] More

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    10 Surprising Personal Care Uses For Baking Soda You Never Knew

    Most people use beauty products for their hair, skin, and teeth and are not aware that there are natural ingredients that are far more effective and safe. There are some ingredients which we consider super ingredients that have more than one personal care use. One of these ingredients is baking soda which most people are […] More

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    10 Foods For Glowing And Anti-aging Skin

    While you are busy living your dream and working hard for your future, sometimes you miss really important things in your life. In today’s fast world and because of non-organized time, you disregard giving your body the elements it needs to perform better. Food is not only the fuel for life but also an essential […] More

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    20 Essentials To Get Your Summer Flat Belly

    Whether you are into bikinis or not, you definitely dream of having a flat belly. As summer approaches, most people waste a lot of time on planning their outfits to hide the layers winter has added to their bellies. The danger here lies not only in how you look from the outside, but also in how […] More

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    6 Beauty Trends That Need to Vanish Immediately

    1) Glitter Roots In the past, when girls dyed their hair and their roots grew, they would run to the salon and dye it back. Yet, in our present day, we now have glitter roots that girls all around the world went absolutely crazy over. Instead of going to the salon they cover their roots with a […] More

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    5 Easy and Highly Effective Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

    In our cosmetically driven world, many people are embarrassed by the yellow appearance of their teeth; hence, the increase in the number of people turning to professional whitening treatments or using whitening strips at home.  There is a wide variety of options to pick from when it comes to teeth-whitening products. However, most whitening products […] More

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    Get Rid of Blackheads: DIY Egg White Peel Off Mask

    Blackheads are one of the most inevitable, long-lasting, and hard-to-get-rid-of problems almost everyone faces. We all had to or still have to deal with this torturous dilemma every single day. You can try using all kinds of products and find no use in any of them. In fact, you will start finding more blemishes, start […] More

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