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    15 People Who Definitely Have A Guardian Angel

    1- That person who just parked in the right spot. 2- A man who luckily lived to tell the tale of the needle in his burger. 3- Well, well, well …. 4- Parking lanes are not divided haphazardly. 5- That mini heart attack. 6- When mother-nature looks after you. 7- Luckiest leg? 8- That tire is meant […] More

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    Gucci, What are you thinking?

    Gucci’s Fall 2018 Gucci is taking the runway, not to another level this time, but to a completely another dimension, as Milan has witnessed recently a bizarre Fall-Winter 2018 show that has strutted down everyone. The designer, Alessandro Michele, has accessorized his models with entities out of this world. A model holding a dragon pet, […] More

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