Food is fascinating, and we aim to provide you with mouth-watering ideas and recipes for all occasions. Food is great fun to eat, but it is also really enjoyable to talk about and read about. That is why cookery books account for nearly 10% of all book sales. Yes, that is a lot of books! So here we want to bring you the best of cuisine - what is good, what is fun, and what is interesting. We will show you how to make delicious, easy and great value meals that you and all the family can enjoy. On top of that, we are also great fans of treats and surprises, so watch out for exciting cookery posts that will put a smile on everyone’s face, like the ones on chocolate pudding bowls, amazingly realistic cakes, and downright ‘moreish’ Oreo cupcakes. Not only that, but we will bring you ideas for utensils, gadgets and everything you could possibly need for your kitchen, so make sure you bookmark our cuisine section catch up on the best we have to offer.

  • DIY-Christmas-Treat-Recipes-6

    Five Totally Yummy DIY Christmas Treat Recipes

    ‘Tis the season for having parties and entertaining guests, and everyone knows the thing that makes guests happiest is having good food on the table to eat! In this video, shows us some different (and really cute!) Christmas treats you can make easily and with basic ingredients to impress your friends and family and to get everyone into the holiday spirit. You’ll see how to make cute little North Pole signs that you use...

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  • How-to-make-rainbow-cake

    How to Make a Rainbow Cake

    There’s nothing nicer and more rewarding than seeing something, thinking immediately that you could never make anything as good, and then discovering you are more than capable of achieving the same result. That is exactly how we all felt when we saw this video that showed us how to make a rainbow cake. Feeling daunted was soon followed by curious, relieved, and then finally thrilled to bits – the whole range of emotions, and we’re only talking about baking a...

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  • Me-Minion-Cupcakes

    A Great Way to Make Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes

    From time to time there is a film which also becomes a merchandizer’s goldmine, as has happened with ‘Mini Me’ with all the Minions. However that doesn’t mean you have to be held hostage to the exorbitant prices you have to pay for even the simplest of items connected to the Mini Me franchise. Better still, if you like to do a bit of baking anyway, then why not kill two birds with one stone and practice your baking skills...

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  • How to-Successfully-Bake-a-Delicious-Pink-Zebra-Cake

    How to Bake a Delicious Pink Zebra Cake

    To look at this zebra cake you could be mistaken for thinking that it will be too complicated for you to make. Well you wouldn’t be alone as that was our first thought when we began watching this YouTube video by Jen from , you will still have something delicious to eat! Jen is a great presenter who makes every step of the way crystal clear to save you any unnecessary confusion. In addition, despite the complicated look of this...

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  • #4 Sleeping Rice Bear

    28 Unusually Eye-Catching Meals Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

    How many times as youngsters have we all been told not to play with our food? Well from where we are standing, it is very apparent that this is not something that has ever been told to the Japanese. Of course coming from Japan there is going to be heavy emphasis on creating elements with rice, but why not? If it works and allows for some amusing creativity, then by all means include rice in most of the ‘recipes’. Of...

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  • Chocolate-Covered-Strawberry-Cupcakes-8

    10 Great Recipes for Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

    I must have done something very naughty in my past because somehow I feel I am being punished here. There isn’t any chocolate and nor are there any strawberries or cupcakes within reach, yet here I am having to write about all three. Oh well, perhaps I can always call in at the local bakery on the way home and treat myself. It is hard to think of any more delectable a culinary combination. The sweetness and juiciness of strawberries...

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  • Pink-Cookware-21

    Give your Kitchen the Feminine Touch with these Cool Pink Pots and Pans

    It is that time of year when the kids are back in school and days of summer are quickly counting down to an end. We have officially crossed the threshold in which the swimming pools close for the season with the passing of Labor Day, and if you are a parent you have idle time on your hands. Now that the kids are busy with school and homework for the majority of the day, it is time for you to...

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  • Image Credits: Bakergirl

    15 Tasty Oreo Cupcake Recipes

    The Oreo biscuit is almost as old as the United States, having first been produced in 1912. Now America’s most popular biscuit, it never ceases to amaze me the number of oh-so-delicious recipes there are which include Oreos in the ingredients. It also doesn’t help to have to write about them without wanting to go out and buy a packet, and then devour the lot! I can’t help thinking that these Oreo cupcakes could be the perfect solution to a...

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  • Cute-Onesie-Cookies-9

    Cute Onesie Cookies from CookieCrazie

    There was a time when a clever shaped cookie was nothing more exciting than a gingerbread man. Today that style of cookie is little less than nostalgic, while the choice of cookie shapes almost boggles the mind. At Stylish Eve we are delighted to have spotted Pam at and have been keen to get an understanding of what makes her stand out from the crowd. Having grown up baking cookies and being extremely family-oriented, Pam was keen to...

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  • Strawberry-Shortcake-Doughnut-Muffins-from-Kevin-and-Amanda’s-Recipes_3

    Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut Muffins from Kevin and Amanda’s Recipes

    Do you love baked fruit treats? Here’s one that combines two favorites, strawberry shortcake and doughnuts, from ’s Recipes. Simple to do, these contain ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now, namely, butter, baking powder, eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. You’ll want to have cinnamon on hand for one finishing touch to these little babies, and strawberries and simple vanilla frosting ready to make them really over-the-top decadent and wonderful…but in a pinch, you could do just the...

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