If you enjoy DIY as much as we do, then we really hope we can share some great ideas for some cool projects with you. We know that we have a range of novice to seasoned DIYers who follow us, so we aim to keep everyone happy and challenged, while also making sure that what you create will be of use and value. We are very conscious that DIY is a brilliant way of cutting costs yet still achieving great results, and we feel that is the true beauty of DIY. Whether it is decorating a room, revamping a piece of furniture, or making a lamp or mirror, we will always do our best to combine style with a budget so that you can all enjoy the rewards of DIY. From balloon decorations to photo frames and cutlery holders to creating extra storage, if we think a DIY idea will help you, expect to discover we have written something interesting about it here.

  • Christmas-Candle-Votives-24

    Two Easy DIY Ways to Make Frosted Christmas Candle Votives at Home

    Christmas is the perfect time to decorate your house with beautiful little trinkets and ornaments to make it look festive! When the weather is turning grey and dreary, it’s always nice to have something indoors that looks warm, cosy and beautiful. This is a video from that tells you how to make holiday votive candles that look like they are covered in frost and snow, and we absolutely love this idea! Whether you celebrate...

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  • How-to-Make-Lamp-from-Orange

    How to Make a Lamp from an Orange in Just 1 Minute

    We love great tips that can get you out of trouble in an emergency, and there is no doubt this is a great one which we found thanks to . And what makes it so great – like all memorable tips, its simplicity? Of course there are some of you who will be incredibly well organized and you probably have a drawer full of candles and torches in case there is ever a power outage. However from our personal experience,...

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  • DIY-No-Sew-Tote-Bag-1

    DIY No-Sew Tote Bag by Homey Oh My

    If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to wielding a needle and thread, this is definitely the DIY project for you. At stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for clever projects that don’t require the skills of a time-served craftsperson to achieve a great result. Well thanks to this great project, detailed more fully at , we are able to show you how easy it is to create a stylish looking tote bag, without having...

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  • No-Sew-Clutch-Bag-1

    How to Make a No-Sew Clutch Bag

    How often do you use a clutch bag? Do you find it frustrating that a clutch can cost so much, yet it is difficult to find one which goes with the majority of your outfits? Well at Stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for clever solutions to continual problems and we think we have found a perfect DIY project for you, thanks to where you can see the project in full detail. There are a good number...

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  • A-Simple-DIY-Way-to-Make-your-Own-IOS-Lip-Balm

    A Simple DIY Way to Make your Own EOS Lip Balm

    EOS lip balm is incredibly popular, so we already know you will love this DIY tutorial from , enabling you to reuse our old EOS containers for a new batch of lip balm, rather than just throwing them out with the rubbish. We haven’t seen much of Australeya before, but judging from the great ideas she has and the way she makes everything seem so simple and uncomplicated, we don’t think this is the last we will be hearing...

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  • DIY-Easy-Summer-Bracelet-1

    Easy DIY Summer Bracelet

    Life is always that bit better when you come across a clever little DIY idea that produces something really pretty. Creating accessories for your outfits should always be high up on the list of popular projects. We know that some of you are lucky enough to have some spare time for larger projects, but we also know some of you don’t. However, being short on time doesn’t mean that DIY projects are impossible for you to do. Thanks to ...

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  • DIY-Rainbow-Loom-Starburst-Bracelet

    Easy DIY Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet [Video]

    Having watched this video it is clear that Ashley and Steph are two budding young fashion gurus. We love these great DIY projects where a bit of skill, a lot of patience, and plenty of enthusiasm produce great results. In this case, the prize for talented Stylishevers is a really great looking rainbow loom starburst bracelet. This was one of Steph’s projects and we really enjoyed her presentation and how clearly she explained everything, which makes life so much easier,...

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  • 10-Quick-and-Easy-DIY-Cellphine-Projects

    10 Quick and Easy DIY Smart Phone Projects [Video]

    Don’t you just love simple but clever ideas, ones that cost next to no money to complete, but which make you feel glad you made that extra bit of effort? We are great fans of videos that are short and to the point as we haven’t got all day to sit around twiddling our DIY thumbs while we watch someone create something we all know we will never find the time to do ourselves. This video is the exact opposite...

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  • DIY-Coffee-Bean-Soap-11

    DIY Coffee Bean Soap Bars: Great Coffee-Lover’s Gift Idea

    Looking for a terrific gift for the coffee lover in your life? Think about making these Coffee Bean Soap Bars, highlighted on the , Spending Less blog. Making soap is often an intimidating idea, since traditional processes involve working with lye, a hazardous prospect even for experienced crafters. Fortunately, now crafters have the option of newly developed melt-and-pour soap bases that both eliminate lye dangers and streamline the process considerably. Starting with this base makes for a project that’s fairly...

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  • DIY-Patched-Pyramid-Crochet-Beret-Tutorial

    DIY Patched/Pyramid Crochet Beret Tutorial for Beginners [Video]

    We think is a very talented presenter of great DIY fashion and beauty tips. We were really pleased to come across this very well set out video on YouTube of her giving crystal clear instructions on how to crochet a great patched/pyramid beret. As she says right at the beginning, this pattern may look complicated, but it is easy enough for a beginner to complete. With Tracey’s ability to explain what is needed to be done, you will be...

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