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  • ralph-lauren-spring-2015-ready-to-wear-40

    Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection Runway Show

    The Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 collection is just the breath of fresh air we have been waiting for! The theme of this collection could easily be called “fashion you can actually wear,” because these were all pieces we could see ourselves wearing on the street or to the office. Bright, saturated colors are paired with beige neutrals to create a very wearable line of practical outfits with fashionable pops of color. Of course, elegance with a focus on wearability is...

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  • Ralph-Lauren-Fighting-Against-Breast-Cancer

    Ralph Lauren Fighting Against Breast Cancer with Fashion and Philanthropy

    Usually when we think of the fashion industry, we think of pretty clothes and not philanthropy. is one of our all-time favorite designers because he really does care about humans just as much as he cares about their wardrobes. Not only has Ralph Lauren been a revolutionary force in the fashion industry, but he also works tirelessly and donates vast amounts of his fortune to fund philanthropic ventures, including cancer research centers. In the realm of fashion, Ralph Lauren...

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  • Betsey-JOhnson-Watches-1

    Great Style for a Fun Range of Betsey Johnson Watches

    It’s always a good day for us at Stylish Eve when we come across something that makes us want to tell everyone about it, or on this case, ‘them’. It is always difficult to find a range of accessories, jewelry or watches that can have ‘mass market’ appeal, in other words, everyone will like them. Well we think we have found just the solution with these brilliant watches. We get the impression that Betsey just threw away the rule...

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  • 25-ways-to-wear-a-scarf

    25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes [Video]

    Okay, we’ll admit it. We were skeptical when we started watching this video. Yes, we knew of half a dozen ways to wear a scarf, and if pushed maybe we could have come up with 10 ways. But 25 ways, not a chance? Well we take our hat (and scarf!) off to Wendy Nguyen for proving that you can, very easily, wear a scarf 25 different ways. However, apart from the ‘sensational’ element to his video, there is actually a...

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  • Unknown

    How to Turn Men’s Tees and Long-Sleeve Shirts into Dresses

    There is a proverb which says “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Well Stylish Eve followers, whenever you need a new dress and maybe can’t quite afford it, why not raid your partner’s or boyfriend’s closet and get seriously inventive yourself? It always amazes us at Stylish Eve just how clever and resourceful so many of you are. We just love the simplicity of these great ideas for dresses, especially as they don’t involve any complicated sewing or chopping bits...

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  • Beautiful-Birdwing-Scarves-4

    Beautiful Birdwing Scarves from Roza Khamitova

    There are times when delight and jealousy collide, and with these stunning birdwing scarves, that is most definitely the case. These are the stunning creations of , a former Kazakhstan native who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. The delight comes from seeing such imaginative and stunning designs. The jealousy comes from the fact it is always someone else who has these great ideas. And what is more, all the designs are laser prints from artwork created solely by Roza, so...

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  • Transforming-men's-shirts-1

    10 Stylish Ways a Woman can Wear a Man’s Shirt

    Whether it was your boyfriend’s or your husband’s, we reckon at one time or another, you’ve worn one of their shirts. However we know you ladies are more inspirational and resourceful than men too. At Stylish Eve we’re confident that many of you will have worn a man’s shirt in a totally different way to normal. We have been aware of the Tumblr craze which started a couple of years ago #how to wear a men’s shirt and we love...

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  • How-to-Convert-a-Man’s-Shirt-into-a-Sexy-Dress-1

    How to Convert a Man’s Shirt into a Sexy Dress

    When something in fashion is clever, it seldom goes away for long, as is the case of wearing a man’s shirt as a dress. The transformation isn’t as simple as just wearing the shirt with a belt, oh no, that is too simple. It was first noticed on the Internet back in 2008 when a video appeared on YouTube. Between 2009 and 2011 a number of similar videos appeared. Then, for some reason, the most popular video appeared in 2011,...

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  • Dressing-Kids-Like-Adults-1

    Dressing Kids Like Adults: Is this Trend in or should it be on the Way Out?

    I am sure you have noticed how hard it is to find clothing that you deem appropriate for your kids, especially your girls, as the trend for dressing children like adults has settled in. As a mother, I definitely feel your pain as clothing is quickly becoming too short and too revealing for girls, while on the other hand boys have a wide selection of ’grown up’ clothing that actually look great on them. I am someone who both agrees and...

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  • The-Duro-Olowu-Spring-2014-RTW-Collection-is-Eye-Popping-and-Colorful_01

    The Duro Olowu Spring 2014 RTW Collection is Eye Popping and Colorful

    Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu, had prints “popping” in a myriad of dazzling colors at London Fashion Week. The bold designs of the Duro Olowu Spring 2014 RTW Collection are ones that even a blind man would notice. If you are wondering what it is like to be a ray of sunshine, wearing this collection will definitely help you feel the radiance. One may want to carry extra sets of sunglasses to protect onlookers from the bright reflections erupting from their...

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