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    The Everyday Societal Pressures Of Being A Woman

    Why is it that to be a woman we must be so many things?! A woman has to be beautiful, funny, strong (but not too strong), successful (but not that successful), and maternal (because what are you if you do not want babies?). We have to be enough (whatever the hell that means), yet not too […] More

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    20 Must-Dos To Get Over A Shitty Week

    We have all been through shitty, intolerable, and more than flesh and blood can stand weeks that we just need to wipe off our minds and start anew. So here, we have rounded up some tips to help you pull through. 1- Eat chocolate. Swinburne University researchers  have found that dark chocolate increases calmness and […] More

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    You Won’t Believe How This Artist Creates His Masterpieces

    In our modern day world we are constantly being amazed by new technologies, inventions, movies, and works of art. Although the most prominent artists no longer live with us today, there are more of them being born and growing to make works of art that blow our minds. Apart from just the results, the new […] More

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    Perfectly-Timed And Best Shots Of The 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Being full of secrets has always been nature’s most important trait. One of the most magical phenomena in life is the eclipse. Whether it is lunar or solar, people wait to witness it passionately. Well, it is beautiful and makes us feel we are part of something huge and powerful. This solar eclipse is 2017 star. On […] More

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    Mila Is The Best Representative For The Young Generations

    With the daily changes taking place around us every day, our kids are developing and transforming to cope with them. We bet that you remember how simple your childhood was and how an innocent child you were when you talk to one of today’s young ones. Young yet strong We couldn’t describe it better. This […] More

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    3 Plus-size Instagram Bloggers That Teach Us A Lesson About Self-love

    With the rise of social media and its increasing effect on the lives of many, it may have both a negative and positive effect on its users. The notion of beauty standards is strongly becoming an essential thing for societies to follow. From this, more and more women around the world are constantly bombarded trying […] More

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    This New Short Film Will Make Your Heart Beat

    These two artists realized that mourning today’s world conditions won’t lead them anywhere. Thus, they created a piece of art and managed to take over the internet literally “In a Heartbeat”. We are definitely in love with the new short film “In a Heartbeat” and here is why… A school project turning into a life-changing […] More

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    This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Are Friendship Goals

    Searching for more evidence that dogs are man’s best friend? Look at these photographs illustrating the friendship of Mame the one-year-old Japanese girl with her pet poodle, Riku. Mame’s Grandma documents all their moments on Instagram where the two friends have become very popular and loved. Since their first post, these two have managed to capture the […] More

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