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  • Little-Girl-Starts-Brilliant-Classical-Music-Flashmob- 14

    One Little Girl Innocently Starts a Remarkable Orchestral Flashmob Playing ‘Ode to Joy’

    Mention classical music to most people and they won’t be interested in it. However just occasionally you will find a piece of music that manages to transcend all musical genres and all ages of people, as you will clearly witness here. Ode to Joy is a passage from Beethoven’s 9th symphony and combines the very best of both classical instrumental and choral music. However what we think is so special about this particular flashmob isn’t just the musicians and choristers,...

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  • Dad-Takes-Photo-of-Son-Every-Day-Over-4-Years-1

    Father’s Fascinating Time-Lapse Photos of Son Taken Daily Over Four Years

    So, your name’s Steve and you have a newborn son called Ray. For the last four years you have been taking a daily photograph of yourself which you admit was an idea you borrowed from another person who had posted the results on YouTube. And then the idea strikes you that if you are going to take a daily photo of yourself, why not do the same with your son. Well we’ve seen the stop-motion video of you ageing and...

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  • Pandas-at-the-zoo

    Two Baby Pandas Refuse to Take Their Medicine

    What can you say about this hilarious video taken from CCTV footage at a zoo in China? The task? Well on the face of it one wouldn’t have imagined that giving some medicine to two young panda cubs would be such an ordeal. Of course that perhaps depends on how old the cubs actually are. From what we can see, in panda years, these cubs definitely give you the impression they are going through their troublesome ‘teenage’ years and whatever...

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  • Image Credits: BBC

    Heartbreaking Moment Dying Cancer Patient Says Goodbye to Her Favorite Horse

    Seldom do you come across images that are so touching as the ones here of Sheila Marsh and her horse Bronwen. This is a story which has touched the hearts of so many in the United Kingdom, and seen many a tear shed at the impact of such a beautiful and tender moment. Sheila was dying from cancer and had only a short time left to live. All her life she had been an animal lover and up until the...

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  • Misbehaving-Dogs-13

    14 Shameful Dogs Who Have Been Caught Misbehaving

    If you have a dog then chances are you will be able to easily relate to this topic. We saw this list of ‘misdemeanors’ posted by and we knew we had to share them with you as the notices that come with each dog to explain what they have done are written in the dogs’ own ‘voice’. It seems that when it comes to dog lovers, they are very forgiving people who have a great sense of humor too....

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  • Dreams-of-Flying-10

    Fantastical and Surreal Images Inspired by “Dreams of Flying”

    Welcome to the world of German photographer, , a man who has gained a worldwide reputation for his surreal photographs. Photography became a passion as early as the age of thirteen when he decided to emulate his father, who was also a professional photographer. Initially Jan developed his photographic imagination and skills with the help of friends and family and then later on honing his technique in more commercial settings. From the very moment you begin to read about Jan...

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  • 3-D-Notebook-Art-5

    Clever 3D Notebook Art from a 15-Year-Old Artist

    There are people who are artistic and those who are not. Some people can draw, others can’t draw for toffee. However we are all used to drawing and art being a two-dimensional representation of an image, something flat, something that lacks true body. However occasionally someone comes along who breaks the mold, an artist who challenges your perceptions and misconceptions. Someone so skilful they have you question yourself seriously as to what you are actually looking at. This is very...

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  • Source: La Hutte de Jabba

    24 Spooky and Uncanny Doppelgänger Lookalikes

    Most of us have been caught up in a conversation at some point in our life when someone has either said “You remind me of someone” or “I’m sure we’ve met before”. It is always good ice-breaker at a party, but a chat-up line that too many women have heard time and time again. But what if the person you are talking to is actually being genuine? After all, everyone is supposed to have a doppelgänger, or almost perfect lookalike,...

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  • Incredible-Singing

    This Incredible Singing Nun Left Everyone Stunned on The Voice

    They say you should never judge a book by its cover. Well now you can say you should never judge a nun by her habit. Meet Suor Cristina Scuccia, a 25-year-old nun who really does know how to sing, and we don’t just mean hymns. A Sicilian by birth she now lives in Milan and is an Orsolina nun of the Holy Family. This video is taken from the Italian version of the worldwide hit television show, The Voice. If...

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  • 5-North-Korean-Children-Playing-Guitars

    5 North Korean Children Playing Guitars That Are Bigger Than They Are

    Have you ever looked at an object or an image and felt that something just wasn’t quite right? With this video of five very young and very small musicians from Chongam Kindergarten, Chongjin, North Korea, you could be forgiven for having that very same feeling. These clearly are very talented young children, yet while they play so skilfully, it is almost comical watching them wrestle with guitars that are bigger than they are. As a...

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