Keep updated on the latest male and female celebrity hairstyles, new haircuts, and new hair colors. You will also find the best hairstyle for you among the fabulous hairstyle ideas presented here. Such ideas include short, medium, long, straight, wavy, layered and curly hair. Check out the latest trends of several haircuts such as buzz cuts, bob cuts, ponytails, quiffs, updos, down dos, and half up-half down dos. From flower girl and prom hairstyles to party hairstyles, you'll find everything for toddlers, teens, men and women. Black men and women will find awesome hairstyles especially for them, as well.

  • Tree-Christmas-Hairstyle

    Pretty Christmas Tree Hairstyle That’s Easier to Do Than it Looks!

    This time of year is full of holiday parties and get-togethers to go to, and we’re always looking for easy and beautiful looks to try! This is a video that got over 10k views in a week, so it is obviously going to be a popular look this Christmastime! We always love the tutorials from and this one is no exception! With just a few little hair ties, you end up with an elegant,...

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  • Create-Two-Beautiful-Hairstyles-in-Just-Five-Minutes

    How to Create Two Beautiful Hairstyles in Just Five Minutes

    I am sure that, just like us, you have had a good look through Pinterest and other social media sites and seen gorgeous hairstyles that look far too complicated to replicate. Today Mindy, from , is going to show you how to become a pro at creating two seriously stylish hairstyles in just five minutes. At the end of the video you have the added benefit of deciding which style you would like to see reproduced, this time...

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  • Jennifer-Hudson-Chops-Off-Her-Long-Hair-Into-a-Pixie-Cut!_01

    Jennifer Hudson Chops Off Her Long Hair into a Short Pixie Cut!

    Oh wow, wooow! This pixie cut makes J.Hud look more than AH-MAZING! Ahem… Yes, readers, J.Hud is Jennifer Hudson. And yes again, following in the footsteps of her Dreamgirls co-star Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway, and other A-list celebrities, she chopped those glamorous, long, dark tresses into a sassy, sexy, short pixie. Can you believe it? Does your silence mean you can't believe it? Whatever… It's true. The Oscar winner debuted her new short 'do at the BET Black Girls Rock! event...

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    • By | On January 16, 2014
  • Isabella-Cruise-Debuts-a-Red-Buzz-Haircut!!_01

    Isabella Cruise Debuts a Red Buzz Haircut!!

    Guess who may be competing with Rihanna for the title "Greatest Hair Chameleon of 2013"? Any suggestions, dear readers? No? Then, let me say it myself, as usual. It's Isabella Cruise. Why her? Well, the daughter of Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise has been experimenting with hair color during all of 2013. She started the year with an orange bob, which she turned into a lilac pixie in February. Then this short crop was dyed , and then the green-bleach...

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    • By | On January 15, 2014
  • Noah-Cyrus-New-Hairdo_01

    Noah Cyrus Rocks a Jet Black Hair with a Shaved Pink Diamond on Its Side!

    Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond, Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond... Ahem... So sorry, Rihanna, for ruining the lyrics of your amazing song that way, but those words are perfect to describe the new hairstyle being rocked by one of our beloved teen celebrities. Who rocked what? It's Noah Cyrus we're going to talk about today, dear readers. She debuted a ... a... Give me a few seconds to phrase it...

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    • By | On December 29, 2013
  • Katie-Holmes-Debuts-New-Hair-Cut&Color!_01

    Katie Holmes Debuts New Hair Cut & Color!

    A new year is almost here, so a new hair look is??? A MUST, of course! And this is clearly the principle that Katie Holmes recently applied. Yes ladies, the stunning actress—who turned 35 this month, believe it or not—has followed the lead of so many of her peers and gone for a hair makeover herself. A cut or a dye? Not exactly... Actually, Holmes has done both! She chopped off at least six inches of her long tresses to...

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    • By | On December 26, 2013
  • Chelsea-Handler-Cuts-Her-Long-Hair_01

    Chelsea Handler Gets A Makeover, Cuts Her Long Hair!

    And imagine who is done with their old hair look? Need hints? First: her gal-pal is the beauty . Second: She's a comedian, actress, writer, and last but not least, the host of The Chelsea Lately show.. Huh? Knew her? Yeees indeed, it's the funny & gorgeous Chelsea Handler I’m talking about... The 38-year-old writer took the plunge, or let's say got inspired by Jennifer, her friend, on Dec. 3.. She shared a photo of herself while her newly-shorn tresses were...

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    • By | On December 9, 2013
  • Pamela-Anderson-Goes-Brunette!_01

    Pamela Anderson Goes Brunette!

    Hello there, would you please welcome the BRUNETTE Pamela Anderson?? Huh... gasp!.. Huh?!! Believe it, ladies! It seems that the 46-year-old star thought that cutting her long blonde hair into a wasn't enough for her to get a full new look or something, so she dyed it brown.. Pamela was spotted sporting her new shade at LAX airport on Sunday, Dec. 1. For your info, our beloved 46-year-old actress was covering her newly-dyed tresses under a grey hat, but...

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    • By | On December 7, 2013
  • Paula-Patton-Shows-Off-a-Drastic-New-Haircut!_01

    Paula Patton Shows Off a Drastic New Haircut!

    Whoa, Mrs. Robin Thicke has finally said GOODBYE to her long tresses! Yep, ladies, Paula Patton has made the biggest move and chopped her long hair into a short, specifically chin-length bob cut... And the reason is? Ahem.. No official words have been said why she's gone for this drastic makeover, though, but perhaps we can suggest that she might have wanted to go from the "sexy" zone to the "Sexiest".. Maybe! The 37-year-old actress showed off her new hairstyle at...

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    • By | On December 6, 2013
  • Reese-Witherspoon-Debuts-a-New-Bob-Haircut_01

    Reese Witherspoon Debuts a New Bob Haircut!!

    And here's the last celebrity to join both the "short hair, don't care" and "a new film, a new do" clubs! Who is he or she? Actually it's she, and she is Reese Witherspoon.. Yep! The Legally Blonde actress has taken the plunge and traded her shoulder length locks for a .. A Pixie? Ahem.. No, dears, she hasn't gone that far.. Reese has just chopped off an inch or maybe two of her hair to turn it into a...

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    • By | On December 5, 2013