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Keep updated on the latest male & female celebrity hairstyles, new haircuts & new hair colors. Plus, find the best hairstyles for toddlers, teens, men & women.

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    Cara Delevingne Goes Bald

    As usual Cara Delevingne never fails to surprise her fans. It all started when the 24-year-old model-actress started her dramatic transformation for her role in the upcoming dramatic movie Life in a year. Cara will be playing a role of a cancer patient who discovers that she only has one year to live and when her boyfriend […] More

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    1980s Hairstyles for Women

    If the 1970s hairstyles were influenced by the hippies, then 1980s hairstyles decided to kick this past decade collection and produced many hairstyles which were very funk and odd in some stylish way. You can say that the 1980s era is considered the perfect example of how fashion and hairstyles can get bigger!. As in […] More

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