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  • Beard-Baubles-1

    New Festive Beard Baubles! Move Over Movember, Now It’s Beardseason In December

    In November we have ‘Movember’, a time when men grow moustaches in an effort to increase awareness of prostate cancer in men. In the first few years it became noticeable when men grew moustaches for this campaign, but curiously it seems that facial hair is now becoming more fashionable. Even clean-shaven superstars of the screen like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt are seen more often with a beard than without. As a result, a London Advertising agency, newspaper. Initially...

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  • Easy-Sugar-Skull

    Easy Sugar Skull Makeup Look Inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead

    Sugar skulls originate from the Mexican traditional holiday called Day of the Dead which is celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico on the 1st and 2nd of November. Even though this coincides with the Catholic holiday “All Saints Day” when Western Christians celebrate their dead - the day after Halloween night - the indigenous people have combined this with their ancient beliefs of honoring their deceased loved ones. Mexicans learnt how to make clay-molded sugar figures for their religious festivals....

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  • Frankie-Stein-Halloween-Look

    Remarkable 8-Year-Old Girl Shows You How to Create a Perfect Frankie Stein Look for Halloween

    Today we are going from yellow to green. Colors seem to be the order of the day for what we have to show you at the moment, though these colors couldn’t be more different, and not just in appearance. Where the yellow was from a to help fight acne, the green here is to match the complexion of Frankie Stein from Monster High and the daughter of Frankenstein. Emma is utterly brilliant, and with over 660k followers to the...

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  • Pumpkin-Style-Play-Doh-Mini-Jack-o’-Lanterns

    How to Make Pumpkin-Style Play-Doh Mini Jack-o’-Lanterns

    No childhood would be complete without Play-Doh, that’s for sure, and today it would seem that Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a little influence from Play-Doh either. We know that Halloween is more about buying the biggest pumpkin possible, hollowing it out while creating a huge mess in the kitchen, and then cutting out a ghoulish face. That’s all very well, but while it is immensely time-consuming, it is not enough to make the house look sufficiently in keeping with...

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  • Pumpkin Balloons by Martha Stewart

    16 Clever and Colorful DIY Halloween Balloon Creations

    Yes, it is that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner and the last thing you need is to be unprepared for the day or else your children will lose out on much of the fun. Halloween is meant to be about creating colorful and scary decorations and outfits, not scary because you are stressed out and in a bad mood. We hope this selection of 16 great balloon creations for Halloween will help you feel inspired...

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  • Made-With-Love-Valentine’s-Day-Ideas-for-Your-Home-Décor_01

    Made With Love: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Home Décor

    Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the “crafty” person in all of us — so, just in time for that special day, here are some easy-to-make décor ideas from ( to dress up your home. Strings of hearts, of course, are probably the number-one accessory for this holiday; make them out of miniature cutouts and wire for a fabulous candle trim, or use larger hearts and yarn or ribbon to decorate a headboard, mantel, mirror, or shelf. Décor can...

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  • Big-Wishes-from-Little-Hands-Crafts-for-Your-Kids’ Valentines_02

    Big Wishes from Little Hands: Crafts for Your Kids’ Valentines

    If your kids are always looking to “make something,” Valentine’s Day might be one of their favorite days of the year; it lends itself to so many fun crafts, as shown in these ideas from ( Want to get your kids off to a terrific start? Take a handful of white cutout hearts and write secret messages on them with crayon, then hide the hearts around the house for your kids to find. Have watercolor paints handy at the...

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  • “Hand” -Your-Valentine-Warm-Wishes-You’ve-Made-Yourself!_08

    Give Your Valentine Warm Wishes You’ve Made Yourself!

    If you’re one of those “crafty” people, you probably love putting together handmade cards and décor for all kinds of holidays; even if you’re not normally crafty, however, Valentine’s Day often brings out the kid in all of us, along with the red paper, frills, and glitter. Here are some terrific ideas from ( for sweet messages you can give to those “sweeties” in your life. You can make accordion-folded lettering that says “I LOVE YOU” with a handy...

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  • Tis-the-Season-for-Great-Christmas-Trees-from-Our-Fans!_13

    Great Christmas Trees from Stylish Eve Facebook Fans!

    has fans…LOTS of fans, as we found out when we invited you to send in pictures of your Christmas decorations. Here are a few we’ve enjoyed so far! Little trees are perfect for small spaces — with Santa figurines beneath them, making up a lighted elf’s “body,” gracing an apartment window or a cozy corner, and even as a “junior” version of a big tree. Trees often show up with electric trains, mini-villages, or teddy bear collections beneath them....

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  • Play-Up-Your-Red-Christmas-Décor-for-a-Warm-Holiday!_33

    Play Up Your Red Christmas Décor for a Warm Holiday!

    If your interiors sport a lot of red, you’re in luck once Christmastime comes; you can get some “instant” holiday spirit with just a few additions to what’s already a bright, cheery base. In a paneled den with rich red curtains, hang wreaths or “snowflakes” on the window; stars can flicker from a chandelier, a garland grace a mantel, and special Yule rugs grace the hearth. Red ornaments and green garlands look stunning against a modern white fireplace — or,...

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