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Turn your house into the best place for living, by getting all the inspiration you need for your home design. All design and decorating ideas for all rooms of the house are available, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Integrate the décor of your house using our great ideas on lighting, walls and floors, window treatments, DIY decorating ideas, and more. Know how to design your whole apartment, no matter what its space is, with our awesome apartments that show you all details. Big houses are also included here in order to show you how to design every room, as well as the yards.

  • underground-parking-13

    Innovative Space-Saving Underground Home Parking Solutions

    There are a number of reasons why someone would want to install a garage on their property. Yes, for the lucky few who are just plain rich, it is a toy, a luxury. However there are also those who live in cities and who have limited space by their home which stops them from building a conventional garage. That is where Cardok comes to the rescue and provides a brilliant solution to a perennial problem. Because of the way...

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    27 Inspiring Home Ideas for Millionaires

    What would you do if you became a millionaire? Imagine what would your life be like if you won the lottery? Would you travel around the world? Buy an expensive yacht and your own private jet? How about building or buying a 20,000 foot square mansion? Being a millionaire and all, you would still need a place to call home. Money can’t buy everything….but it can certainly add taste and style to your life. We’ve found these 27 unusual and...

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  • DIY-Décor-and-Room-Tidying-Tips

    Great DIY Room Decorating and Tidying Tips!

    What can we say? In our efforts to find you some easy, practical and great DIY decorating and room tidying ideas, we found three clever girls who between them seem to know all there is to know about these things. With over 9 million views on YouTube we feel that the ideas and tips contained in these videos will be right up your street and will have you rummaging around in your DIY toolkit the moment you have finished watching...

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  • Designed by: Splinter Works

    14 of the Best Bathroom Design Ideas

    Recently we noticed that there had been little available online to provide inspiration for improving the look of a bathroom. We couldn’t work out why because your bathroom is just as important a room in your home as any, if not more so. It is a room where you escape to relax in, where you go to make yourself look beautiful, where you got to freshen up; so why not add some style, some class, something individual or quirky to...

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  • Designed by: Patrick Jouin

    22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You

    In most people’s homes a staircase is just a functional means of travelling from one floor to another. Usually there is nothing very remarkable about a staircase, though some are more attractive than others. It used to be that you had a choice. Closed or open sides, and natural or painted wood. Some might have more ornate spindles and balusters, while others would just have paneling underneath the handrail. That all now seems a bit dull and passé, especially when...

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  • Fantastic-3D-Galaxy-Bedding-Sets-5

    Fantastic 3D Galaxy Bedding Sets

    Isn’t it amazing how progress in our modern technological world has changed our lives in so many ways? Who would have thought that the invention of the radio telescope, one that allows us to see so much further into space, to be able to make out all the incredible constellations, would allow us to….have a really cool looking bed. Yes, at Stylish Eve we’re pretty sure that the first time these new constellations were discovered, nobody turned round and said...

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  • kitchen-storage-ideas-1

    Terrific Kitchen Storage Ideas

    If you’re a cook who dreams of more elbow room in your kitchen, these clever storage solutions can provide it to suit any décor or style, combining beauty and efficiency to help keep your kitchen clutter-free. From compartmented dividers and lazy Susans to dedicated drawers for spices, baking supplies, pots and pans, or vegetables, these solutions have something for every kitchen. Custom-designed drawers have shelves for lids and plenty of depth for the pots and pans beneath them—or are fitted...

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  • IKEA-Catalog-2015-1

    IKEA Catalog 2015

    Every year IKEA bring out a catalog and it is an eagerly awaited publication. This year’s catalog is particularly useful for any of you who work in design, whether interior or fashion, as it is now available in pdf format for easy downloading. How great to be able to access the whole catalog through your iPhone, tablet or laptop. The comprises 166 pages of interesting designs and practical pieces which await you, and cleverly, the online content is compatible...

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  • Southlake-Residence-by-Jauregui-Architects-1

    Elegance in Texas at the Southlake Residence by Jauregui Architects

    This stunning home and outdoor entertaining area by Austin, Texas’s , is located on three acres that host their own meandering creek as well as an inviting pool and spa. As the architects describe it, “The elegant open floor plan features movable glass walls at the great room, dining, kitchen, breakfast and game room that accentuate the outdoor connection with the terrace and pool.” From the very first moment you enter through wrought-iron gates with subtle lantern lighting, the ambience...

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  • The Doc Sofa Bunk Bed looks like your ordinary sofa

    Innovative Multifunctional Sofa by Designer Giulio Manzoni Transforms into a Bunk Bed in Only 12 Seconds

    There is an increasing need in our modern world to solve the problem of limited space in contemporary homes and apartments. As a consequence, multifunctional furniture has become the perfect solution. The masterful architect, Giulio Manzoni, has come up with a design that’s both ingenious and beautiful at the same time. A scholar who graduated with honors from the University of Milan Polytechnic, Spain, he invented the Doc sofa bunk bed. This sleeping and sitting solution is a masterful way...

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