What stimulates woman's glamour more than jewelry?! You will find here the latest jewelry collections presented by all jewelry designers and brands such as Tiffany & Co., Tacori, Chanel, Gucci, SWAROVSKI, Juicy Couture, and more; including the latest spring/ summer and fall/ winter jewelry collections. We display the best rings, earrings, necklaces, charms, brooches, bracelets, bangles and anklets presented in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or Sterling silver. You will also find a lot of gemstone jewelry including tanzanite, quartz, onyx, ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, zircon and more; in addition to stunning diamond jewelries with different diamond cuts such as brilliant, pear, princess, round, oval, emerald, baguette or heart cut diamonds.

  • The-Tiffany-Yellow-Diamond-Collection-has-Captured-the-Beauty-of-the-Sun_11

    The Tiffany Yellow Diamond Collection has Captured the Beauty of the Sun

    Leave it to to figure out a way to capture sunrays and turn them into brilliant yellow diamonds. The beauty of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond Collection is unparalleled. What woman could resist the extraordinary radiance of a yellow diamond? The Tiffany Soleste Yellow Diamond has caused quite a stir since its introduction. The diamond has a fierce intensity unlike any other diamond you will ever see. The diamonds are hand cut and meticulously perfected for the collection. The only...

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  • Paloma-Picasso’s-Olive-Leaf-Collection-Pays-Tribute-to-the-Olive-Branch_25

    Paloma Picasso’s Olive Leaf Collection Pays Tribute to the Olive Branch

    The olive branch, known around the world as a symbol of peace and harmony, is the inspiration behind Paloma Picasso’s Olive Leaf Collection at Tiffany designer, Paloma Picasso, is the daughter of the late art legend, Pablo Picasso. It is clear that art is in her blood as she is celebrated for her bold designs and brilliant choice in gemstones. Her designs, often sketched on hotel stationary and faxed over to Tiffany & Co., are intricate and beautiful. As...

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  • Beverley K Wide Bands for Women are Delightfully Extravagant _15

    Beverley K Wide Bands for Women are Delightfully Extravagant

    As the world of jewelry continue to progress, wide bands are no longer solely for men. has created a set of wide bands for women that are not only strikingly beautiful, but also intricate in design. The collection has challenged the long time thought that wide bands are for men, while narrow bands are for dainty, women’s fingers. This collection takes a large step away from traditional rings and seeks to make a bold statement. If you love stackable...

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  • Beverley K Two-Toned Bands are a Unique and Beautiful Addition to Your Jewelry Box_01

    Beverley K Two-Toned Bands are a Unique and Beautiful Addition to Your Jewelry Box

    What woman does not love an eye-catching, unique, and beautiful piece of jewelry? The two-toned bands for women are exquisitely colorful and fun to wear. The collection features shapes, floral designs, and crosses. The wonderful two-toned artistry of the rings is exceptionally impressive with a “love it” factor that will make women turn out in droves to be the first to purchase one. After all, what woman does not like to hear all of her girlfriends gasping as they...

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  • Piaget Earrings are Made for a Splendid Evening Out_29

    Piaget Earrings are Made for a Splendid Evening Out

    Whether you are getting ready to strike a pose on the red carpet, or you are going to a party, the has the perfect pair for you. You have the ideal dress and a gorgeous up-do, naturally the next obsession is what to put around your neck and on your ears. The Piaget collection offers several stylish options from dangling earrings to couture studs. If you are walking out in a floral gown, the floral designs are a great...

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  • Make a Bold and Colorful Statement with the Tacori City Lights After Dark Jewelry Collection_34

    Make a Colorful Statement with the Tacori City Lights After Dark Jewelry Collection

    No matter what the occasion, the will make you stand out in the crowd with bold and beautiful statements. Easily identifiable by large, sparkling gems, the cuff bracelets of the collection are great to wear with casual skinny jeans or a fitted blazer. The intricate designs of the bracelets are one-of-a-kind with appealing Tacori girl style and charm. If you love to wear solid colors this collection is perfect for you, the contrast of the jewelry...

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  • Beverly K Vintage Engagement Rings Have Spectacular Rings for the Spectacular Moments in Life_06

    Beverley K Vintage Engagement Rings for the Spectacular Moments in Life

    If you are looking for the most original and extravagant engagement rings that money can buy, look no further than the . The array boasts beautifully exquisite designs that are a timeless reflection of your love and dedication. With rings that look like they took a lifetime to design and create, there are no ends to the delight unsuspecting women will have when proposed to with one of these rings. It is only fitting that an engagement ring should be...

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  • Give-Your-Daughter-the-Sweetest-16-Gift-with-a-Piaget-Bracelet_15

    Give Your Daughter the Sweetest 16 Gift with a Piaget Bracelet

    Sweet 16 - it is a special time in any girl’s life. This birthday marks one of the most memorable milestones in her life that a girl will ever have. provides the perfect gift that your 16-year-old will never forget. The collection boasts exquisite tennis bracelets that your daughter will love. There are several creative ways to present the gift to her. Perhaps, after you lob an easy volley to your daughter and intentionally miss her return, you can...

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  • Be-the-Queen-of-Hearts-with-the-Piaget-Hearts-Jewelry-Collection_05

    Be the Queen of Hearts with the Piaget Hearts Jewelry Collection

    Heart shaped jewelry has always been a benchmark for women’s jewelry. The is a perfect addition to your jewelry box. The intriguing collection includes diamond encrusted earrings, gorgeous necklaces, and beautiful rings. Whether you are celebrating the love of your life with your jewelry, or you are simply in love with hearts, you will find the perfect piece. The collection features inspiring, chain linked earrings and necklaces that are perfect to wear on an evening out. Put your hair...

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  • David-Yurman-Bridal-Collection _08

    David Yurman Bridal Collection: Designed According to Your Relationship

    Finding the perfect ring can be a difficult task. A man wants a ring that will speak volumes about the woman he is giving it to. has created the perfect solution, offering exotic rings designed according to your relationship. David Yurman is a well-known master artisan and hopeless romantic. His dedication to successful relationships is reflected in his signature design, the Cable Motif. The Cable Motif symbolizes unity, commitment, and enduring strength. It has become an iconic part of...

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