Matching the right clothes has never been easier, as we will show you a lot of outfits that have been perfectly put together to have the best style and look trendy in the fall/ winter and spring/ summer seasons. Outfit ideas about dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, bags and more; all are presented here to satisfy the different preferences and occasions such as parties, work, casual and dressy outings. In addition, you will find outfit ideas for your favorite color like red, pink, purple, etc. You will also get the opportunity to check out some awesome outfit ideas, including the high-end products presented by the different brands such as Burberry, Gucci, and more.

  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Outfits-Whether-it-is-Hot-or-Cold-Layered-One-Shoulder-Shirts-are-a-Hit_10

    Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits: Layered One-Shoulder Shirts are a Hit

    From the time they arrived on the fashion scene in the 1980’s, one-shoulder shirts still will not go out of style or demand. Whether it is hot or cold weather, this work-around style holds its own with acasual and chic vibe. Put your cami to use this fall, our stylists have given you a number of great ideas on how to make your shirt work, no matter what kind of weather you are in. If you live in an area...

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  • Stylish-Eve-Fall-Fashion-Guide-Stripes-are-the-New-Sexy_01

    Stylish Eve Fall 2013 Outfits: Stripes are the New Sexy

    Beyoncé made stripes the new style when she appeared in a striped midriff ensemble that sent the fashion world into a tizzy. Now just about every fashion lover wants stripes to be her best friend. The stylists at Stylish Eve want you to know that there is not just one way to wear stripes. Add a new flavor to your closet with this eclectic collection of stripes that everyone who sees you wearing it will love. Stripes are not just...

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  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Outfits-Fashion-Guide-A-Great-Pair-of-Brown-Shoes-Does-an-Outfit-Good_01

    Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits: A Great Pair of Brown Shoes Does an Outfit Good

    I have a saying; a great pair of brown shoes in your closet can create a new outfit every day. Brown shoes are universal to any outfit you can think of putting on, and are a lifesaver when you cannot find the “perfect shoes” to wear. Known as the whisperer of casual to dress casual outfits, a brown pair of shoes are just as useful as owning a brown belt. Brown shoes can give your outfit warmth, give it awesome...

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  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Outfits-Fashion-Guide-A-Bright-and-Sunny-Day-Deserves-a-Bright-and-Sunny-Outfit_02

    Stylish Eve 2013 Outfits: Formal Outfits in Bright Colors

    If you are like me, you can appreciate an outfit that lights up the room no matter what season it is. The Stylish Eve stylists have put together outfits for you that do not miss a beat after the official last day of summer and the first day of fall. Sometimes you have to let go of the fashion rules and go for fashion that rules. This fantastic collection is full of pump action, pencil skirts, and overall formal wear....

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  • Stylish-Eve-Fall-Style-Guide-Fall-for-Plaid_01

    Stylish Eve Fall 2013 Outfits: Fall for Plaid

    Welcome back plaid; long time, no see! The last time plaid was a fashion trend was probably in the 70’s, and by the 80’s it was a child’s worst nightmare as it was usually paired with extremely large butterfly collars - a trend I hope stays in the grave forever. Today, plaid is chic, cute, and perfect with boots. So what makes the perfect plaid shirt? It must be feminine, fitted, and light. Your husband or boyfriend’s lumberjack plaid shirt...

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  • Stylish-Eve-Fall-Fashion-Guide-How-to-Look-Fabulous-in-Brown_02

    Stylish Eve Fall Fashion Guide: How to Look Fabulous in Brown

    We all have those odd items in our closet that we brought for a specific outfit, but sadly only seem to work with that one specific outfit. Brown clothing is often the culprit in these situations. Today, I am going to share a few clever ideas with you that will have you looking stylish in brown in no time. One of the awesome things about brown is that you can wear it in any combination of shades without lifting eyebrows....

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  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Red-Winter-Outfits-Looking-Fabulous-in-Red-is-a-Necessity_02

    Stylish Eve 2013 Winter Outfits: Looking Fabulous in Red is a Necessity

    Imagine the backdrop of a beautiful newly fallen snow as you appear in a hot, red carpet ready, outfit. No matter what the season is, red always looks great on you. In fact, red is simply a girl’s best friend. From Little Red Riding Hood to royal garb, red has long been associated with great beauty and desire. The collection of red that our Stylish Eve stylists have put together is no exception to this rule. Whether you are looking...

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  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Winter-Outfits-Black-White-and-Fabulous_01

    Stylish Eve 2013 Winter Outfits: Black, White, and Fabulous

    You can never have too much black and white in your closet however; this winter is the perfect time to add a little contrast to it. Whether it is color-blocking or stripes, our stylists have created a black and white wardrobe that you will love. Our stylist wanted to make sure that every woman was included in this collection; I especially love the biker chick gear. The fitted color-block, cropped leather, jacket is a treat in itself. The look is...

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  • Stylish-Eve-2013-Winter-Outfits-Let-it-snow-let-it-snow-let-it-snow_01

    Stylish Eve 2013 Winter Outfits: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Winter style is looking great now that the nights are cold and crisp; a simple jacket may no longer be enough to protect you from the elements. Check out the stylish winter options that our stylists have put together for you. I always love a great pair of Uggs in a variety of colors and styles for my winter fashion. If you always score a black or brown pair of Uggs, this winter is the time to be a little...

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  • Stylish Eve Outfits 2013- A Fashion Guide to a Chic Fall_11

    Stylish Eve Outfits 2013: A Fashion Guide to a Chic Fall

    It is time to stop mourning the warm days of summer gone by and now embrace the new fall trends. Prints are the new sexy for the fall, whether you are wearing fabulous polka dots, stripes, floral, or fierce art. From the runway to the streets, prints are in hot demand and solid warm colors are also another fall delight. We understand that it is not traditional to wear white after Labor Day; however, you can still pull off great...

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