Party Ideas

From now on, you will be able to host the best party, whether it's an engagement party, a birthday party, a baby shower party, a graduation party, or just a party that you usually give at home!! We will show you several amazing ideas for both the indoor and outdoor party decorations, including what to serve, cake ideas, how to arrange your furniture pieces, where to add lights, what presents to include, and more.

  • The Butter End Cakery

    Delicious Despicable Me Minion Cakes

    The film series has been a sensation and has caught the imagination of just about every child, and a lot of adults too! It is hard to put your finger on just why a selection of weird and wonderful characters should become so popular, but isn’t that always the case. Perhaps, in a roundabout way, it is their simplicity and ‘variations on a theme’ which have created such worldwide appeal. When you look at Mini Me minions it is hard...

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  • Layers Cake

    23 Scrumptious Diaper Bag Cakes for Baby Showers

    No baby shower would be complete without a cake, would it? So what do you do if you want the cake to be a present for the mother, or mother-to be? Sure, it is easy to pop down to the local store and pick up a fancy cake, but that won’t be very special. So occasionally you need to pass the problem over to the experts and leave them to come up with a solution. Well, recently we published a...

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  • Designer Themed Cakes

    21 Perfect Baby Bottom Cakes for Baby Showers

    It never ceases to amaze us - the versatility of the creative processes that go into making a cake. Here we have one of the most amusing ideas, which is catching on like wild-fire. Baby bottom or baby rump cakes. And if you are wondering what these cakes are made to celebrate, you will most likely find one at a baby shower party. It seems that the idea of a baby with their head and body still stuck in a...

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  • Image Credits:	Deborah Hwang

    20 of the Best Sofa Cake Ideas You Will Ever See

    When I was told to write an article about sofa cakes I had this immediate idea of what was required. I was wrong however, as there is no such thing as a sofa cake – a cake specifically created to be eaten on a sofa. However there are a tremendous variety of sofa cakes out there, cakes which are a deliciously edible representation of a sofa. That’s right; you can buy a sofa cake, or even better, commission your local...

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  • Photo Credit: Oakleaf Cakes

    Delicious Disney Cake Ideas

    When you see cakes like these, only then do you realise just how few opportunities there are to enjoy such culinary delights. Actually, when we look at many of these cakes, it isn’t just about the baking. And so when is a good time to create one, or order one from your local cake store? Well we reckon that keeping these just for children’s birthdays would be a shame. Are they really only for children, or can anyone with an...

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  • Ambulance-Cake-1

    Top 5 Viral Cakes on the Web and Where to Find Them

    I am sure that just like me, when you sign in to Facebook and see the most scrumptious cake you have ever seen flash across the screen, you automatically want to know where to purchase it. Today I am writing an article for the most particular cake lovers in the world who have an eye for awesome cake design, and moist, tasty features. Some of the most popular ’viral cakes‘ on the Internet today are from one single famous Ireland-based...

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  • Amazing-DIY-Face-Painting-Ideas-5

    Amazing Kids’ Face Painting Ideas by Christy Lewis

    We’ve all seen examples of face painting. If we asked you to come up with one character for face painting, we also think we know your answer – a tiger or a cat. Well up until now you might have been right. But then we came across , a group of wonderful face painters based in Wellington, New Zealand. Now we have seen what they are capable of recreating, the word ‘painting’ doesn’t seem to do them justice. As they...

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  • Balloons-from-Balloonatics-1

    50 Brilliant Balloon Creations from Balloonatics for Big Events

    If you live in Denver, Colorado, and have a special event coming up, we strongly suggest you have a close look at what this amazingly creative company, , can do to help you make a memorable statement. These guys (and gals) at Balloonatics really do know how to think outside the box, and it would seem there is little they aren’t capable of doing. However don’t just think balloons are for birthday parties and family events as you would be...

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  • Balloon-Centerpieces-by-Balloon-Artistry-1

    Amazing Balloon Centerpiece Ideas from Balloon Artistry

    In the late 1980s Jeff Fruman established one of the most legendary companies in the New York area - - simply by creating epic balloon centerpieces. Put the thought of run-of-the-mill balloon animal artists and floral arrangement balloon sets out of your head. After Balloon Artistry has decorated an event, prepare yourself to feel like you have just walked into the “Disney World” of balloon art. You will never want to leave and you will be disappointed you did...

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  • DIY-balloon-crafts-5

    Baby Shower Balloon Ideas From Prasdnikov

    It is totally awe-inspiring when you look at what you can create with children’s balloons these days, and especially from these oh-so-talented and imaginative designers and balloon artists at in Kiev, the Ukraine. You only have to look at the wonderful array of ‘creations’, for that is what they are, and what can you say? It doesn’t feel that long ago that balloons came in a choice of five colors and if you wanted a real treat, you could...

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