Centinox Kitchen Sinks from Franke

About 100 years of progress that Franke, one of the world’s most famous designers of kitchen sinks, spent in advance in kitchen sinks industry. And here is another proof of the development in kitchen sinks which is presented by Franke which is the Centinox kitchen sink. The kitchen sink, Centinox, made by Franke offers two very important features that all kitchen users like mothers or even chiefs in big restaurants always search for; which are the beautiful harmonic look of kitchen sinks and the perfect functionality which enables all kitchen users from practicing their tasks. This Centinox is really designed perfectly and with proficiency to give such a very stylish kitchen essential unit. Franke kitchen sink features a great advantage especially if you have a small kitchen or small kitchen countertops in which this kitchen sink is available with its useful accessories that turn your sink to provide you space for food preparation like chopping vegetables or filtering from water. Franke used stainless steel to make both the mixer and the strainer bowl and also the two sides of the chopping board included for healthy kitchen tools; it’s a very necessary element that should be required for any contemporary kitchen.

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