Chanel LA DISTINGUÉE Makeup Look Review

Distinguished with your alluring softness, is what Chanel wants for you with this elegant look, that can be worn through day or night. It’s simple yet vivid, which makes it wearable while going to work, dates, and daytime activities or to juicy evenings & occasions, & one of the things that Chanel did in this look, is that they made the look possible to be reshaped & customized to have your own signature look that will make you even more distinguished. La distinguee makeup look puts soft focus on your eyes to match it with the popping lipstick color that Chanel picked for this look. For making this makeup look Chanel recommends that you get Chanel’s large eyeshadow brush #25; Grand Pinceau Paupieres Douceur, to help with applying the eyeshadow over your entire eyelids, & with the brush you’ll apply Chanel’s soft touch eyeshadow; Ombre Essentielle in Lotus shade, then you’ll frame your eyes with Chanel’s long-lasting eyeliner; Stylo Yeux waterproof in ebene shade, & last but not least, you’ll just define your eyes with Chanel’s Inimitable Intense mascara in noir shade.

After that you’ll need to start preparing your lips to be the main focus area of your face by framing your lips to make them more luscious with Chanel’s precision lip definer; Le Crayon Levres in peche shade, then you’ll start applying Chanel’s luminous matte lip color; Rouge Allure Velvet in La Distinguee shade that gives you a matte yet rich & moist finish, with Chanel’s retractable lip brush; Pinceau Levres Retractable that will help you apply the lipstick evenly with precision. For you complexion Chanel recommends using the Blush brush #4; Pinceau Blush to highlight your cheekbones with Chanel’s powder blush; Joues Contraste in rose ecrin shade for a natural glow. You don’t just get to enjoy a pretty face in this look, but you’ll also get to enjoy having sexy hands, as Chanel picked for you the nail color; Le Vernis in rose cache shade, to complete the look. This look is not for a certain season, as it can be worn at any time, but its soft colors make it more perfect for summer & fall. You can make the look more intense by going one shade darker when you want or you can make it softer by picking lighter shades. Either ways, Chanel’s La Distinguee makeup look is an artistic perfection.

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