Charlize Theron Hairstyles 2012

When I took a look at the hairstyles worn by the gorgeous actress Charlize Theron from the year’s beginning till now, I imagined her telling me; “My dear fan, 2012 is just another year to let my hair charm, yet inspire you much more than before!”. This year, Theron has been able to dress her shiny, long, blonde hair in ways that have made it look much sexier and eye catching, even though those ways have not been so many or so complicated. Most of the hairdos that she has worn are so simple and easy to do, but for sure, she’s not forgotten to stun us with one or two hairdos which have that fancy and sort of complicated look. One of those fancy hairstyles that she has worn in 2012 is the tight, twisted updo in which the hair twist has started from one side of her head and ended at the back like usual. That hairdo has made her look in a super tidy, elegant, and attractive way. Yet another hairstyle worn by her, and has caught all the eyes of her fans, audience, or anyone around her, is the plaited updo. Don’t think that it’s been or looked like anyone you have seen before! No, no, and yet another no! It’s looked in a very special, amazing, neat, and super, fancy way. Anyway, let me tell you how it’s looked like. It started with braided strands at one side of her head and ended at the back with more than one braid interfering together in a very complex, yet creative, and artistic way.

Let me not forget to tell you about the soft, loose, side swept wavy updo which made a statement with a romantic headband that has given Charlize Theron a super alluring, and stunning look. Also, she has sported some stunning and soft styles of buns; specifically, classic and low ones. Besides those elegant updos, she has heavily worn the ponytail hairstyles. Specifically, she has sported both of the mid height, and side swept ponytails which have looked in a very sexy and soft way. In addition, she has been seen once sporting a side swept classic braid, which has had a very stylish and youthful look. Can you imagine talking about Charlize Theron hairstyles without mentioning a word about the flowing down dos?! Of course not! This can’t happen, as all of us know that they are of her favorites. This year, you can see her with either straight, loose, curly, or soft, wavy hair either flowing on her shoulders, or being swept aside on one shoulder. In either case, she has looked in a very stunning and attractive way. My dear woman, I’m done! So, I think that now is the time for you to start taking a close look at those stunning and glam hairdos of Charlize Theron, maybe you’ll pick and wear any of them in any upcoming occasion or event you’re going to, especially those special and formal ones. Nothing to tell you more than wish you a glamorous, sparkling and alluring look, and joy!

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