Charming Table Decoration Ideas for a Romantic Dining

To create the best romantic ambience to enjoy a charming evening with your husband at home, you may stay for hours in the kitchen to prepare the most delicious & romantic meals but remember also that the table decoration is the most important element and the first key for a pretty & charming evening atmosphere; candles & roses are a must, but tableware is equally important. For more inspiration, we present some interesting ideas to help you in making a very romantic & attractive table decoration. If your dining table is black, benefit from this color to create the most tempting contrast; black & red. Besides your most elegant tableware, add some pretty candles in hot red color, and if you are going to serve a strawberry cake for example it will work as a decorative element as well. Another way to create a very charming look, is to sprinkle some glitter on the table before putting the tableware; it will bring a very attractive look especially with pretty tableware designs and delicious dessert colors. And for a romantic table decoration without neglecting the elegant look; you can use a white tablecloth with very refined crockery in glossy white for example, with delicate tinted glass, and of course don’t forget a chic crystal vase with beautiful roses. For more originality, a fine tablecloth can be placed diagonally, not just that; to cover the table in sweetness you can use fancy dishes with a ribbon & pearls in shades of soft pink.

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