Chic Table Decoration Ideas

Receiving guests is a real art that only nifty housewives love to learn about it, because the decoration of your dining table should give a preview taste of your dinner and should firstly satisfy the eyes & senses before satisfying the taste buds. To decorate a dining table full of elegance & prestige, here are some chic ideas to inspire you. For an elegant yet refreshing table, choose a white look for dishes & tableware. Choose plates with simple lines and multiply the glasses to give an impression of lightness to the whole. For a Scandinavian touch, add items in light wood. A chic table decoration is refined by elegant dishes and simple table linens. For a more airy decorating style, it is preferred to keep on necessities without multiplying the non-used accessories. Choose trendy colors like gray or taupe for tableware. To create a very elegant touch to the table, don’t hesitate to present your most beautiful dishes. Multiply the glasses to give height to your table and light few candles that will make your glassware sparkle. If you have a beautiful wooden table, mats are then more preferred than tablecloth in order to enhance your table. Choose mats in a natural material to highlight the wooden look and opt for white dishes that will contrast with the rest of the rather dark table. Finally, remember that you can still have a chic look using the dishes in original shapes. Choose plates with curved lines and glasses with a very thin base that will bring elegance to the table.

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