A Child’s Room for Dreamers: the Soft Collection by Nidi Design

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The little girl in these pictures isn’t really casting a spell with her star-tipped wand — but you could be forgiven for thinking such a thing, when you see this collection of soft-themed furniture and décor nicknamed “rooms for dreamers,” by Italy’s Nidi Design. Starting with a pillow that’s even inscribed “Dream,” this room and its accessories are the sort any little girl might dream of: padded beds on two levels, cozy blue rug and plush pillows for sitting on the floor, and adorable animal stickers — removable for easy repositioning when needed — and stuffed toys (something “little girls” of all ages love). Yes, there’s whimsy here aplenty…but there’s also practicality.

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Practical touches? Removable washable covers on chair cushions and bedding, storage and wardrobe tucked within floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelving, an L-shaped desk and chair on casters that gives perfect study, or work space, its own cozy “cubby” beneath the bed. There are lots and lots of shelves for all a girl’s treasures — books, toys, or collections — finished in natural cedar that gives the room a welcome touch of warmth. (Note the cedar-paneled “wall” behind the desk, another warming element.) Child-sized ottomans serve as both seating and stepstools for a better view out the window; at night, a long “Chinese”-look lamp gives a soft glow. In fact, this collection is well-named: softness is the key ingredient in materials, finishes, and approach in this collection of children’s room furnishings by Nidi.

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