Christina Aguilera Pink Hair Color for 2012

Okay, can somebody tell me what is going on with her? Hey, dudes, I need help here! What? Whom am I talking about? So sorry, I forgot to tell you that I’m talking about the stunning singer Christina Aguilera. Yeah, ladies, she’s opted for another drastic hair makeover! For those who don’t know why I and many others are shocked, I have to tell them to surf our magazine and read these topics Christina Aguilera Rainbow Hair Color for 2012 and Christina Aguilera New Hair Color 2012. I guess that the most dominating question right now is; “what has she done this time?” So, let’s answer it!

The Voice judge has opted for dip dying her blonde hair locks hot pink. Yeah, ladies, she hasn’t gone so far from what she’s done earlier this month or year, in general. Anyways, you need to know that Aguilera was seen wearing this new pink hair color with her son Max Bratman and boyfriend Matthew Rutler at a Hollywood Pumpkin Patch since a few days ago. Do you think that she’s debuted this bold and eye catching color to cope with Halloween’s spirit?! There’s another question for you, which is; do you love or loathe her new dip dyed hair color? Now, I can say goodbyes and wish you all an amazing life. Just don’t forget that we’re waiting for your opinions…

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