Citrus Colors and a Squirrel on the Wall: Room “a” by Nidi Design

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Your first impression is color — citrus color, balanced against a hemp-colored wall ¬— in this children’s room “a” by Italy’s Nidi Design. Kids who love lemon yellows and lime greens will fall in love with this collection, and any kid would love the layout. Nidi’s particular genius is in tapping into the way kids love to climb; multiple levels in their designs are both safe and completely functional for children of almost any age. Here, there’s a handy play area/”balcony” reachable by a practical wooden ladder; the unique feature about this particular “second level” is that it’s actually set atop cabinets that divide the room into two distinct spaces. One side features lime green and lemon yellow, while the other is cool blues, purples, and mauves.

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This room plan is big on the basics: those neutral cabinet doors cover a complete closet and wardrobe, with space to hang clothing, drawers for socks, small items, and toys, and shelves for books and games. Of course, there’s plenty of space on the white bookshelf, too, and handy desks provide room for study, homework, or art projects. And speaking of art…another signature element of Nidi rooms can be seen next to the lime-green-cubby desk — graphic art. In this case, it’s a friendly squirrel on a handy branch, just the kind of whimsy to make a kid smile. Colors can be mixed and matched, as can elements in these modular designs. So no matter what your small prince or princess’ taste, chances are Nidi’s got a room they’ll be glad to call home.

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