Classic Kitchen Cabinet Designs from Ala Cucine

Classic furniture also has a lot of fans, for those we present this collection which includes 18 designs for classic kitchens from the Italian company Ala Cucine. The collection is characterized by a nice smoothness of colors; it reminds us of the tranquility and the serenity of our tender grandma’s kitchens where there is always good smells! Creating a classic ambiance doesn’t mean dispensing recent technology; in fact, every design in this collection is equipped with the most recent kitchen tools: built-in stoves, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. The designer used perfectly a modern touch in two models where he added an island at the center of the kitchen; in the first one, the island is large as the kitchen is spacious so it contains a sink and a stove as well as a countertop for preparing food, in addition it includes big cabinets and two practical shelves. In the other model, the kitchen is smaller so the island is a little bit smaller but functional with a square shape, it’s equipped with a double sink and a large countertop that can be used as a breakfast table or for preparing food, it also contains deep cabinets and some built-in shelves.The usage of the island in such a classic design creates a nice combination between the contemporary & classic styles; the designer used a practical unit often used in modern designs, however he presented it in a classic look to match with the dominant traditional atmosphere of the whole collection. Kitchens are made of excellent quality materials, all designs are equipped with a lot of practical cabinets and useful accessories. Colors came light and soft, they are bringing the ambiance of the 50s; besides brown and wood colors, there is cream, light blue and light green.

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