Coastal Landscape Plus Modern Art Gallery in Mosman, by Secret Gardens

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Take a narrow spot on the north coast area of Sydney, a collection of art and sculpture, and the desire for beautiful green space, and what do you get? This design at Mosman by Australia’s Secret Gardens. With an open plan, the house affords views of the garden from almost every room, views that are enhanced by the careful plantings of silver, green, and blue that complement the modern sculpture both dotting the courtyards and hanging above or mounted along an outdoor walk. Rounded shrubbery is a nice curvy counterpoint to the slender rectangles of home and lot; sliding glass doors allow an easy flow between outdoor and indoor sights, one of which is a wheel sculpture in a grassy spot steps away from both sunny patio and two wings of the home.

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Between the neat privacy hedges and the central courtyard and entrance to the home, this design also includes built-in stone benches for curling up with a good book — or just contemplating the splendid views of the surroundings, down a gentle slope to the shoreline. Complementing a contemporary-furnished seating area is an abstract geometric sculpture piece outdoors, sheltered from the elements both by stone retaining walls and by a cantilevered roof. A whimsical horse rides a bike through another vine-covered spot; everywhere, there is the softness of green, the natural hues of native stone, and a touch of wood grain that work in marvelous harmony with the art. An “artful” combination, indeed, is this quiet secluded alcove…a true secret garden by Secret Gardens.

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