Colorful Family Duplex Interior Design in Paris

In Paris, in a courtyard in Belleville, a couple of architects have transformed old workshops into a family home that’s joyful yet practical with a lot of functional designing ideas beautified by the pretty effect of lively colors. Let’s take a look at this amazing family duplex interior design to get many inspirational ideas in terms of smart interior designing and creative decorating style. With its many openings on the façade, the ground floor, all in length, has beautiful luminosity; from the kitchen, which also serves as a dining room, to the living room, and also the equipment room that houses a hot water tank, a washing machine, and toilets. The passage leading from the dining room to the living room shows the old separation between the two workshops. To bridge the difference between the two levels, Manon and Marc created a higher step that hides shoe storage. The wall that delineates the spaces between the kitchen and the living room which allows a transition between the staircase and the kitchen is very well used; a library from the side of the living room and a storage cabinet from the side of the kitchen while the floor provides visual continuity between the spaces, which shows the high intelligence of the designers in separating the spaces very practically. The two surfaces are open to each other, but the distribution and functions are well established.

The designer couple who like so much using colors in interior decorations, made a base of white and light shades on the walls to reflect light along with a wood floor then they added colors in impressive touches to refresh the place and give it more vitality. The neutral base allowed them to play with colorful furniture & accessories like the colored chairs around the dining table, the cool colored wall watch, and the kitchen accessories in pretty colors placed on the countertop which give a decorative look. To access the second floor, the couple designed freestanding stairs made of reinforced concrete with a special feature which is the first step that’s stretching to the library, looking like a small stage. In continuation of the concrete staircase, a corridor-dressing leads to the bathroom. For access to their room, children have to cross the desk of their parents. The location of the beds on the mezzanine allows for better traffic flow for all.

In the bathroom, multicolored tiles from the walls to the ceiling create a strong pop ambience and a very daring look. Under their mezzanine beds, respectively, each of the two kids has a desk corner, and they also share a playground and a nice storage area thanks to the back wall with shelves and cupboards over its full height and its width. Desks are made of MDF and painted in the same color as the mezzanine. The mezzanine is divided into two by a partition in full height to allow separating the girl from the boy in the sleeping area to keep for each of them his own privacy. Both beds are perfectly symmetrical and independent (each one has his own ladder), they only come in different colors; pink for the girl and blue for the boy, and the scales are attached to the floor using metal tabs to avoid accidents.

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