Colorful Wall Ideas for Kids’ Room Decorations

If colors are usually important in interior decorations; their existence is very indispensable in the kids’ room. Colors are necessary for a joyful atmosphere in the kids’ bedroom to give your child energy and cheeriness so that he would enjoy playing and having fun in his own little private world. Besides furniture and accessories, colors must also exist on the kids’ room walls to complete the decoration. But how to apply the perfect color on your kids’ bedroom walls, this is what we are about to talk about; check out these decorative ideas with many models of colorful walls in different styles for all kids’ room designs.

If you want to create a funny decoration in the room of your children, know that the walls can help pretty well. For example, if your kids’ room is taking a natural theme and you’re accessorizing it with items inspired by nature like a grass rug, choose to paint the walls light blue to evoke the sky and match with the grass that is installed on the floor which will make your child feel so pleased when his own room looks like a small garden. If your children’s room has a raw brick wall, you can keep on this stylish appearance and soften it using colors, do not hesitate to paint this wall a color that blends into the room decoration. For example, if this is a girl’s room, go for the color purple to give a more feminine touch to the brick wall starting, this will also be ideal with a retro furniture style.

Know that you don’t have to apply only one color to the walls of your kid’s bedroom. On the contrary, don’t hesitate to choose two matching shades that you put on each wall creating a sort of underbody with one of the two colors. If you don’t want to apply color to the entire wall, paint only the bottom to create a visual underbody. This decorative trick will also protect the walls in the lower part that children usually tend to smear when they are very young. For a boy’s room in which the walls are already painted one color, you can give them relief by adding some very graphic vertical stripes that match with the bed linen for an original style.

To choose the right color that will brighten up the walls of your kids’ room, you may get inspired by furniture. If furniture already comes in a bright color, repeat this color on only one wall to create a very decorative effect, and then add accessories and linen in other colors matching with the one on the walls and furniture to bring even more brightness to the place. If your child’s room is already loaded with colors thanks to furniture, you can choose to paint the background wall black or white to sublimate all the colors of the room.

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