Comfortable Garden Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Room

During the summer, the garden becomes a true extension of the house and it is considered as an additional room where the living room can also find its place there. So, when the garden turns into a living room, comfortable furniture has to be installed there to create a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and conviviality. Let’s discover this selection of the most stylish yet comfortable outdoor furniture that makes the garden as relaxing as the living room while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful view. In the outdoors, as in the living room, the whole family will gather, that’s why the sofa must be large enough to host everybody. Choose a large sized sofa preferably with a chaise longue and add a smaller sofa to complete the living room. Just because it is outdoor furniture, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t take the same look of real living room furniture. Choose a chic sofa model and accessorize it with cushions, then add a coffee table and accessorize it with decorative items, just like what you would do in your interior living room decoration.

For your outdoors, you can also opt for furniture designs that stylize your garden; you will find outdoor sofa models in sleek designs & clean lines to give your garden a trendy minimalist look without leaving the comfort side. To create a charming ambience in your garden, focus on outdoor furniture in the country style; for example, you can get a small wooden sofa in grey and add to it some white cushions, or even for a more romantic look, you can choose a small sofa in wrought iron and accessorize it with cushions in pastel colors. Don’t hesitate to use your garden furniture to separate spaces; for example, the sofa can define the seating area of the pool area.

If you are asking about the best material for outdoor & garden furniture, you have got many choices; you can definitely go for wood which is a timeless material that gives nice natural looks and harmonizes very well with the green outdoor ambience. Also, there is the wrought iron furniture which gives a charming & very romantic look and fits with both classic & modern styles. But the trendiest in terms of materials are the bamboo and the rattan which are two natural materials that really stylize the garden with their fashionable look. You can also decrease your costs if you get your outdoor furniture in imitation bamboo or imitation rattan. Fashionable colors for garden living rooms are still between black, wood, and grey that will be boosted by colorful cushions.

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