Contemporary Chic HI Home by Andrea Castrignano

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This contemporary HI Home is presented as a “sample” — a model home — demonstrating the principles of sustainability, energy efficiency, and contemporary design. As the designer, Andrea Castrignano says: “HI HOME, a ‘sample home’ with unique features, characterized by inventive design,…user-friendliness, comfort, warmth, well-being, security, environmental sustainability, technology at man’s service…was developed with the aim of creating an ideal environment, using the most innovative solutions in the field of energy saving, renewable sources, and use of advanced home automation, with the assistance of outstanding brands interacting among themselves.” The interaction between elements of the home is readily apparent in its compact, open plan: the living room, kitchen, and a dining area are all in one space — but that space can also be altered with cabinet doors that can be shut to cover the kitchen appliances for a clean, uncluttered look.

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The color palette is neutral tones of grays, whites, and blacks, plus lime green — on a boxlike chair, a “grass”-like shower ceiling and bathroom wallpaper, and a bedroom rug. In striking contrast to that mellow green, the remainder of the bathroom is a lively black-and-white houndstooth check, playing off the pure white fixtures of the WC area. Twin vanity sinks are large rectangles of no-nonsense stone with high faucets that allow plenty of room for good wash-ups, watering plants, or the like. Hidden touches for extra comfort and convenience are everywhere: a heating element beneath the bed, high shelving in the living room that can be camouflaged, recessed lighting tucked into a bedside bookcase…the list of ingenuities goes on. Décor is strictly modern — with some creative multiple-uses thrown in, all courtesy of broker and designer Castrignano.

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