Contemporary Design in Johannesburg, South Africa by Antoni Associates

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“This contemporary architectural residence located in Houghton, Johannesburg, is unique in its detail and quality of finish,” say the designers of Antoni Associates, “and reflects a living environment that is seductive and elegant.” Elegance is indeed a watchword here, in the use of space, texture, and hue: skilled use of color delineates areas and defines them. Blue and white, for example, is used in the plump cushions of a seating area next to the pool, while open interior spaces flow easily with a palette largely black and white with bright accents. A shining glass “chandelier” highlights a table and twelve white chairs set on an abstract-print rug in red, white, and blue; black leather chairs and earth-toned sofas rest on a rug shot with yellow and orange — sun against earth — while cool white bed foundations and side tables pair with butter-soft bedding and a textured wall in dove gray.

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The designers go on to say, “Geometric forms add drama to the interior spaces.” This is abundantly clear: hanging light fixtures are sparkling globes; bathroom vanities are rectangles atop rectangles, down to long rectangular rugs on the floors. Squared horizontal blinds draw the eye side-to-side on wide windows, a triangular “cube” serves as a living room side table, and lampshades are ovals of deep charcoal. Throw pillows are squares of blue, ottomans circles of the same color. And hanging screens, large semi-open dividers that offer privacy without barriers, are a series of rectangular shapes intersected in white. The geometry balances the dwelling with — as the designers intended — seductive simplicity and achieves a sleek, modern feel that is at once sophisticated and welcoming.

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